Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2017HellboyFeature FilmNimue the Blood Queen [L]
    2017Hellboy - Call of DarknessFeature FilmNimue [L]
    2015Resident Evil - The Final ChapterFeature FilmAlice [L]
    2015SurvivorFeature FilmKate Abbott [L]
    2013CymbelineFeature FilmThe Queen [L]Bettina Weiß
    2011Resident Evil: RetributionFeature FilmAlice [L]Meret Becker
    2010The Three Musketeers (3D)Feature FilmMilady de Winter [L]Meret Becker
    2010Faces in the Crowd (WT)Feature FilmAnna Marchant [L]
    2009Resident Evil - AfterlifeFeature FilmAlice [L]
    2009A Perfevt GetawayFeature FilmCydney [L]
    2007The Palermo ShootingFeature FilmModel [SR]
    2006Resident Evil - Extinction (WT)Feature FilmAlice [L]
    2003Resident Evil - ApokalypseFeature FilmAlice [L]
    2001L'Oréal - Air WearCommercialMilla Jovovich [SR]
    2001L´Oreal - Weil sie es sich wert sindCommercialMilla Jovovich [L]
    2001Resident EvilFeature FilmAlice [L]
    1999The Million Dollar HotelFeature FilmEloise [L]
    1999The Messenger - The Story of Joan of ArcFeature FilmJoan [L]
    1997The Fifth ElementFeature FilmLeeloo [L]