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    Movies as producer

    2023Indeed - Indeed statt AusredenCommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2023Edeka - El HotzoCommercialMatthias WackrowWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2023Indeed - Eintracht Frankfurt 2023 (WT)CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2023Babbel - Speak EnglishCommercialBengi CoskunWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Indeed - MultitaskingCommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Die Discounter X Antoine Burtz - Die Show ohne NamenShowMatthias WackrowWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Indeed - Eintracht Frankfurt 2022CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Magenta Mobil - Interne KommunikationTutorialMatthias WackrowWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Amazon Prime Video - One Mic Stand presents.Teddy's MasterclassTeaserMatthias WackrowWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Musterring - Just B!CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2022Sixt - AppCommercialNgo The ChauWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2021Lubi - Ein Polizist stürzt abDocumentary Series, SWR [de]Jan PeterWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2021Kalkhoff - Every rider is unique. Mira aus BerlinCorporate FilmKatja OortmanWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2021Oatly x Mozart Knabenchor Wien - Wow no cow!Corporate FilmOlle EnqvistWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2021Babbel - Babbel Live. Online-GruppenunterrichtCommercialMultipleWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2021Toyota - Toyota meets JBLCorporate FilmBen GalsterWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2018Mercedes-Benz - A-Class. I made it (Part 1 & 2)CommercialAladin MekanovicWolffpack Vision GmbH
    2018Mercedes AMG - #SpeedUpinStyleCommercialAladin MekanovicWolffpack Vision GmbH

    Movies in other capacities

    2021The Female Company - #TestLikeAPornStarCommercialJulia PateyWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction supervisor
    2021Indeed - Ingrid erklärt Indeed (5 Spots)CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2021Deezer - Abfeiern zu HauseCommercialLennart FrankWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2020Musterring - Ich mach’s mir gemütlich.CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2020Indeed - Ingrid & Eintracht FrankfurtCommercialEike Frederik SchulzWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2020Mogli - RavageMedium Length FilmFlorian PetersWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2020Indeed - Nicht Ingrid 2.0CommercialKai WiesingerWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019XouXou - Keep your hands freeCommercialKatharina HingstWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019Be Charlotte - Do not disturbMusic VideoAladin MekanovicWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019Unu - Move ForwardCommercialFlorian PetersWolffpack Vision GmbHcamera operator
    2019GetYourGuide - Get YourCommercialEike Frederik SchulzWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019Flightright - ForkCommercialAladin MekanovicWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019Babbel - Learn English. Don't be stuckCommercialMultipleWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2019Rikas - Fanny Pack PartyMusic VideoAladin MekanovicWolffpack Vision GmbHset manager/ floor manager
    2019Juju - Hi BabeMusic VideoArabella BartschWolffpack Vision GmbHlighting technician / electrician
    2018Der Lack ist abTV Series, Prime Video (Amazon)Kai WiesingerPhantomfilm GmbHproduction manager 5. Staffel
    2018Gewobag - Waterkant. We DoCorporate FilmFlorian PetersWolffpack Vision GmbHunit manager (local system)
    2018PosterXXL - Xmas. Mandel & Spülmittel (2 Spots)CommercialEike Frederik SchulzWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2018PosterXXL - SchaukelCommercialEike Frederik SchulzWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager
    2018PosterXXL - KaugummiCommercialEike Frederik SchulzWolffpack Vision GmbHproduction manager

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Switzerland
    North America: USA
    Western Europe: France
    LicencesB (car) [eu]
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
    Accommodation possibilitiesHamburg, Munich