Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Freaks (WT)TV Movie, Netflix, ZDF [de]location manager
    2017Leif in ConcertIndie Feature Filmproducer
    2015Uli Hoeneß - Der PatriarchTV Movie, ZDF [de]location manager
    2015Captain America: Civil WarFeature Filmlocation manager
    2014Axel der HeldFeature Filmlocation scout
    2014Fiat 500L - Round DanceCommerciallocation manager
    2013Monuments Men - Ungewöhnliche HeldenFeature Filmlocation manager
    2013Rolex - Placido DomingoCommercialunit production manager
    2012MillionenFeature Filmunit manager
    2012Elizabeth II. - Die leidenschaftliche QueenDocumentary, ZDF [de]unit manager
    2012Telekom - Move On (Internetfilm)Feature Filmunit manager
    2011Sony Music Deutschland - Finding BraveImage Filmunit production managerauch Autor und 1st AD
    2011Machtfaktor ErdeDocumentary (Mini Series), ZDF [de]studio manager
    2011Terra X Entdecker - Alfred WegenerDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]unit managerNachdreh
    2011Dick Brave and the Backbeats - I just can´t get enoughMusic Videounit production managerauch 1st AD
    2011Terra X Entdecker - Georg Forster (WT)Documentary (Series), ZDF [de]unit managerKrankheitsvertretung
    2011Terra X Entdecker - J. L. Burckhardt (WT)Documentary (Series)unit managerKrankheitsvertretung
    2011Bis zum Horizont, dann links!Feature Filmset manager / 3rd AD2. Drehhälfte (Dessau)
    2011Kurz + KlickTV Magazine, KiKA Kinderkanal [de]unit manager
    2010Kein Sex ist auch keine LösungFeature Filmunit managerund Set-AL (Nachdreh Hamburg 2011)