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* 05.03.1969      † 30.10.2022

    Movies saved at Crew United

    2021The Rise and Fall of Diesel WilmingtonShort Filmline producer
    2020AusterMedium Length Filmline producer
    2020BulldogFeature Filmline producer
    2020Der StreunerShort Filmline producer
    2019SurrectionEducation/Training Productionline producer
    2019VaterliebeMedium Length Filmline producer
    2019Die Räuber (WT)Education/Training Productionline producer
    2019Im Meer der Stille (WT)Education/Training Productionline producer
    2018UltrasEducation/Training Productionline producer
    2018Der BärShort Filmline producer
    2018Bienville ParishEducation/Training Productionline producer
    2018Offene WundeEducation/Training Productionline producer
    2018Wasser Marsch!Short Filmline producer
    2018Die Mathematik der DingeShort Filmline producer
    2018EgotripShort Filmline producer
    2018Bonjour Monsieur BaguetteEducation/Training Productionline producer
    2018Segelboot (WT)Education/Training Productionline producer
    2018Der SchreiIndependent Feature Filmline producer
    2018Im Dunkeln ist es wärmerShort Filmline producer
    2018Rot Rot RotShort Filmline producer