Mariko Becher, 1st AD, Berlin
  • 1st AD
Born on 08.02.1988 in Kyiv (34 Years)


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About Mariko Becher

I am experienced freelance 1AD who have been working in film industry since 2010.
I started as a director making short videos and reportages with my friend DOP. Luckily In couple moths I received job offer to tried myself like produce I got a lot of interest experience during next few years but after 1st project without 1Ad where I was covering 2 positions I worked as producer and 1AD, I was so enjoy making things happen and putting my energy into the projects so I decided to continue work closer to the set. Since that moment 7 years ago, I have been working as a FIRST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR
Done more than 300 projects. Work with biggest Ukrainian production companies like Radioaktive, Family, 2332, Limelite, Esse house, Martinishots, Pronto Films and so on. Had experience to work with motion control, russian arm, phantom, stuntmen, table top, underwater shooting.
Filmed in different parts of the world - Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Thailand, Spain and open to explore more
Never ending growth and development – this is how I see life and that’s why I started to do photography as well.
I believe that all humans are born with internal and external beauty, that I am trying to convey through my photos.

Projects as 1st AD

2021Retterspitz - JuniperCommercialBjörn SwobodaImpolite Culture GmbH [de]
2021Laylow - Paris ShowsCommercialOsman MercanCapsul - Create Without LimitsCommercialJohnathan VardiLaco Films [il/ua]
2019Bombay Bicycle Club - Eat, Sleep, WakeMusic VideoLouis BhoseAgile Films [uk]

Film projects in other capacities

2022The nu company - Ciao nucao 1.0CommercialLea BaintnerHey Na! GmbH [de]assistant production manager
2022Kontra K feat. Sido & Leony - FollowMusic VideoMultipleEnd2End Visual (e2e) [de]2nd AD Floor

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish Ukrainian
Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
Eastern Europe: Ukraine
Southern Europe: Portugal, Spain
Southeast Asia: Thailand
Immediate working areaBerlin
2nd residence (if applicable)London
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin