Projects saved at Crew United

    2022Tori and LokitaFeature Filmeditor
    2021Clara SolaFeature Filmeditor
    2021The RestlessFeature Filmeditor
    2020Lingui, the Sacred BondsFeature Filmeditor
    2020The Man Who Sold His SkinFeature Filmeditor
    2018God Exists, Her Name Is PetrunijaFeature Filmeditor
    2018Young AhmedFeature Filmeditor
    2016Wrong ElementsDocumentary Featureeditor
    2016Just like my sonFeature Filmeditor
    2015The Unknown GirlFeature Filmeditor
    2015The NestFeature Filmeditor
    2014Rising VoicesFeature Filmeditor
    2006J'aurais voulu être un danseur (Gone for a Dance)TV Movieeditor
    1999Murderous MaidsFeature Filmeditor