Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2021Under the Influence
    Anna [L]
    TV Movie, M6 [fr]Anna [L]
    Audrey [SR]
    Feature FilmAudrey [SR]
    2019Vicky and her Mystery
    Anna [L]
    Feature FilmAnna [L]
    Christine Beauval, la speakerine [SS]
    Limited series, France 2 [fr]Christine Beauval, la speakerine [SS]
    Liéna [L]
    Feature FilmLiéna [L]
    2008Female Agents
    Suzy Desprez [L]
    Feature FilmSuzy Desprez [L]
    2008Coco Before Chanel
    Adrienne Chanel [L]
    Kathrin Gaube
    Feature FilmAdrienne Chanel [L]Kathrin Gaube
    2006Have Mercy on Us All
    Marie [L]
    Feature FilmMarie [L]
    2002Not for, or Against (Quite the Contrary)
    Caty [L]
    Feature FilmCaty [L]
    2001Safe Conduct
    Olga [SR]
    Feature FilmOlga [SR]
    Marie [L]
    Feature FilmMarie [L]
    1994The Bait
    Nathalie [L]
    Feature FilmNathalie [L]