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    About Marichka Lukianchuk


    Marichka Lukianchuk was born in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, in 1997. Between 2014-2018 she studied advertising and PR at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and ran her own advertising agency, focusing on video and graphic design and aiming to work with educational, cultural and social projects. After the decision to not separate her life anymore and follow an art path, she moved to the Netherlands and studied Interdisciplinary Arts at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences. In 2021, she graduated with her short film "Past Future Mountain”, shot in the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine, together with the local ethnic group Gutsuls.

    After the start of the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine, she moved from Kyiv to Berlin, where she held an art residency at Harun Farocki Institut (2022-2023) and is currently finishing work on her middle-length film about the war in Ukraine "Between Before and After”.

    Her short films are shown at international film festivals and screenings. She directs, writes scripts and edits her films, and combines her artistic practice with teaching art film and stop motion to youth.

    Artist's statement

    Coming from an artistic background, I position myself as an art filmmaker. I developed my filmmaking practice from my artistic vision, which influenced my working process and approaches: treating each frame as painting, editing as poetry, combining interdisciplinary approaches and seeing filmmaking as a ground for unity of arts – working with performative aspects, dance, theatricality, dance, music, poetry.

    I aim to create complex integral worlds in which each element – frame, word, sound, set design – belongs to it; worlds in which reality and dreams, inner and outer, conscious and subconscious, personal and collective co-live and intervene, being inseparable. I work with layered narratives, which can be perceived on different levels, fulfilling it through working with symbolism and archetypal appearances and stories, and connecting psychology and art. I believe not in ideas, but in intentions, and see my artistic process as uncovering and connecting all the layers.

    I use poetic and mythopoetic language to reach the audience and speak about social issues, individual and group experiences, and paths on a common human ground. Big roles in my practice play ethnic cultures and their integration in the current times not as a passive heritage, but as an active co-existing entity. Important aspects of my work are Ukrainian identity, history and culture.

    Basic data

    Experience abroadCentral Europe: Germany
    Southern Europe: Italy
    Western Europe: Netherlands
    Special skillsDirection
    Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci)
    1st AD
    Creative writing, scriptwriting
    Graphic design and photo editing (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom)
    DOP (Sony Alpha A7 III)
    Creative writing, scriptwriting
    Own equipmentLaptop which is appropriate for editing short and mid-length films
    Video/photo camera Sony Alpha A7 III
    EducationZuyd University of Applied Sciences, Maastricht, The Netherlands. Bachelor in interdisciplinary arts 2018-2021
    Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine. Bachelor in advertising and public relations 2014-2018
    Preferred place of workDirector / 1AD / editor / editing assistant (freelance/project-based/part-time)
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin