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Maarten van de Voort, production sound mixer, Hamburg
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  • Production sound mixer
Busy until: 10th July 2024


Address for members only
Mobile+49 172 4019727


  • Films for Future:
    no disposable batteries, no paper, no coffeecups, less meat...
    only rechargeables, iPad, thermocup und vegggy!
    not just now, but since years...

About Maarten van de Voort

Born in Holland, living in Hamburg
Please take a look at my cv or my website: mvdv.de

Known for

Fictional movies as production sound mixer

2024Gelbe Briefe / Yellow Letters (WT)Feature FilmIlker Çatakif... Productions [de]
2024Nord bei Nordwest - Das Nolden-Haus (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Felix HerzogenrathTriple Pictures GmbH
2024Nord bei Nordwest - Haare? Hartmann! (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Felix HerzogenrathTriple Pictures GmbH
2023Tatort - Im Wahn (aka Die kälteste Maschine) (WT)TV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Viviane AndereggenWüste Medien GmbH
2023Schule am Meer - Elternfreuden (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Miguel AlexandreNordfilm GmbH [de]
2023Feuerwehrfrauen - Tatsächlich Freundschaft (WT)TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Martin BuskerKrebs & Krappen Film GmbH [de]
2023MordnachtTV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Friederike JehnX Filme Creative Pool GmbH
2023Nord bei Nordwest - Die letzte FähreTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Judith KennelTriple Pictures GmbH
2023Nord bei Nordwest - Der doppelte LotharTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Hinnerk SchönemannTriple Pictures GmbH
2022Morden im NordenTV Series, ARD [de], NDR [de]MultiplendF neue deutsche Filmgesellschaft mbH
2022Der Bremerhaven-Krimi - Tödliche FrachtTV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de], RB - Radio Bremen TV [de]Nicolai RohdeBremedia Produktion GmbH
2022Schule am Meer - Familienbande
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Stefan BühlingNordfilm GmbH [de]shot under corona conditions
2022Stralsund - Tote Träume
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Petra K. WagnerNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHshot under corona conditions
2022Stralsund - Der lange Schatten
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Lars HenningNetwork Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbHshot under corona conditions
2022Nord bei Nordwest - Natalja
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Felix HerzogenrathTriple Pictures GmbHshot under corona conditions
2022Nord bei Nordwest - Canasta
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Felix HerzogenrathTriple Pictures GmbHshot under corona conditions
2021Another Monday
shot under corona conditions
Limited series, ZDFneo [de]MultipleConstantin Television GmbH [de]shot under corona conditions
2021Meine Freundin Volker
shot under corona conditions
TV Movie, NDR [de]Piotr J. LewandowskiCinecentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH [de]shot under corona conditions
2021Nord bei Nordwest - Ho Ho Ho!
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], NDR [de]Ingo RasperAspekt Telefilm-Produktion GmbH [de]shot under corona conditions
2020Tatort - Tyrannenmord
shot under corona conditions
TV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Christoph StarkCinecentrum Berlin Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH [de]shot under corona conditions

Advertising/Image/Music videos as production sound mixer

2017Edeka - Wir lieben VielfaltCommercialKai SehrMarkenfilm Crossing [de]
2016ProSieben - Schlag den Star. EltonTrailerRenato NovakovicGreenskyfilms GmbH
2015Tchibo - Helene Fischer. ShowroomCommercialMatthias BiererBLMFilm GmbH
2012Riopan - Hand aufs HerzCommercialElmar SperlingMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2012Meins - Michaela MayCommercialFabian HothanMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2012Sparda Bank - Baufinanzierung & ZufriedenheitCommercialMarc&MikeMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2012Kentucky Fried Chicken - Schon MittagCommercialMultipleSterntag Film [de]
2012Garnier - Ultra Lift 2012CommercialMatthias BiererMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2012Maggi - Puten-Rahm-GulaschCommercialRobin PolakBubbles Film GmbH
20121&1 - Mobile & DSLCommercialFrank SprungMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2011E.ON - Layout SpotsCommercialJohn BucheEmbassy of Dreams Filmproduktion [de]
2011Opel - The new Opel Astra GTC. Man's new babyCommercialMarc SchölermannBakery Films GmbH [de]
2011Sparda Bank - Nachbarin, Schelm, Regenmann (Kampagne 2011) (WT)CommercialMarc&MikeMarkenfilm GmbH & Co. KG
2010Nintendo Wii - Hidden CameraCommercialLutz HattenhauerBakery Films GmbH [de]
2010Deutsche Bahn - Zusammen abhauen (WT)CommercialCadmo QuinteroErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2009Maggi fix & frisch - Gemüse mit HackCommercialNeele Leana VollmarTelemaz Commercials GmbH [de]
2009Lidl - 20 JahreCommercialGregor SchnitzlerErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2009Lidl - Glück, Mehr, 20 Jahre, FamilienoberhauptCommercialGregor SchnitzlerErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]
2009Scoyo - Zeugnis-EndspurtCommercialCorinna WinterFirst Floor Filmpartner GmbH
2009Becel - Länger lebenCommercialSven BollingerErste Liebe Filmproduktion GmbH [de]

Non-fictional movies as production sound mixer

2016Der ClownDocumentary, ARD [de]Eric FriedlerNDR - Norddeutscher Rundfunk [de]
201316x Deutschland - HamburgDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]Özgür YildirimCuckoo Clock Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG [de]
2013Wacken 3D - Louder Than HellDocumentaryNorbert HeitkerJumpseat 3D plus Germany GmbH
2009Aghet - Ein Völkermord
Grimmepreis 2011
Documentary, NDR [de]Eric FriedlerTrebitsch Entertainment GmbH [de]Grimmepreis 2011
2009Wir SchmidtsDocumentary, ARD [de]Gordian MauggTrebitsch Entertainment GmbH [de]
2008Loki Schmidt (WT)DocumentaryGordian MauggTrebitsch Entertainment GmbH [de]
200824h Berlin - A Day in the LifeDocumentaryAlfred BehrensZero One Film GmbH [de]
2007Torpedos im MorgengrauenDocumentary, arte, ORF [at], ZDF [de]Maria-Magdalena KollerInterspot Film GmbH [at]
2007Into the Cold DawnDocumentaryOliver BeckerRostrot Medien, Oliver Becker
2005Die großen Sportduelle - Eiskunstlauf Kilius/Bäumler gegen Belousova/ProtopopovDocumentary (Series), arteMultiplethede filmproduktion [de]
2005Unter kaiserlicher FlaggeDocumentary (multi-part), ARD [de], arte, Discovery ChannelJürgen StumpfhausLichtblick Film GmbH [de]
2005Scoring BlueDocumentary, arte, ZDF [de]Christian Bauthede filmproduktion [de]
2005Leben nach dem Abschied - Wenn der Tod uns scheidetDocumentaryUlrike FrankeFilmproduktion Loeken Franke [de]
2005Deep Sea Detectives - U-2513 (WT)Documentary (Series), History (History Channel)Tom CappelloLiquid Pictures
2004Das Spiel ohne Ball
Grimme Preis Nominierung
DocumentaryAlfred BehrensKänguruh Film GmbH [de]Grimme Preis Nominierung
2004Paläste der Macht - Der Elysée-PalastDocumentary (Series), ZDF [de]Gero von BoehmInterscience Film GmbH
2002Frauen am RuderDocumentary Series, arte, WDR [de]Beatrix WilmesLichtblick Film GmbH [de]
2002Die Reise zu den WalenDocumentary, NDR [de]Ulrike FrankeFilmproduktion Loeken Franke [de]
2002Soldatenglück und Gottes Segen
Deutscher Filmpreis 2003 Nominierung
DocumentaryMichael LoekenFilmproduktion Loeken Franke [de]Deutscher Filmpreis 2003 Nominierung

Non-fictional movies in other activities

201316x Deutschland - HamburgDocumentary (Series), NDR [de]Özgür YildirimCuckoo Clock Entertainment GmbH & Co. KG [de]sound supervisor
2004Das Spiel ohne BallDocumentaryAlfred BehrensKänguruh Film GmbH [de]supervising sound editor

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
North Africa: Egypt, Morocco
North America: USA
Northern Europe: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
East Africa: Zambia, Zimbabwe
South America: Brazil, Guyana
South Asia: Afghanistan, India, Maldives, Sri Lanka
Southern Europe: Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Spain
Southeast Asia: Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam
Southeastern Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, [Yugoslavia]
West Africa: Cape Verde
West Asia: Turkey
Western Europe: Belgium, England, France, Netherlands, Scotland, United Kingdom, Wales
Central Asia: Armenia
Special skillsvery experienced in shooting abroad, worldwide with international teams

experienced in postproduction and sounddesign

experienced in recording surround sound
Own equipmentI own a lot of equipment: digital, wireless, flexible.
Sonosax, Sounddevices, AudioLtd, Wisycom, Schoeps, Panamic, DPA etc. etc.

easy to adapt to any kind of production: feature, documentary, commercial

most of the equipment available twice or triple to provide for 2nd unit or backup

lots of gadgets and extras: timecode, slates, playback etc. etc.

Volvo XC70 AWD

ENVIRONMENTAL/Films for Future: since 2013 I use only rechargeable batteries. I read scripts etc. on my iPad, so I don't need printouts. I bring my own coffeecup.
LicencesB (car) [eu], diving licence - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver [int]
Further referencesI created and organized workshops and courses in many filmtopics
a.o. for the Goethe-institute in Kabul: workshop on filmsound for afghan filmmakers

I did postproduction and sounddesign for radioplays, commercials and documentaries
Preferred place of workfilm, film, film
Immediate working areaHamburg
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Hamburg
Accommodation possibilitiesAmsterdam, Berlin, Malmö, Rotterdam, Stockholm