Lucy Ribeiro, screenwriter, 1st assistant director, Berlin
  • screenwriter (3)
  • 1st assistant director (2)
Born 1987 in Bukarest (31 Years)


Mobile+49 176 21509803
Phone+49 176 21509803

About Lucy Ribeiro

Born in 1987 in Bucharest, Romania and there until 3.
Year of life grew up. With 3 years adopted,
since then lived in Munich and in 2009 the Fachhochschulreife in
Social welfare, completed.Since 2009 in different
Film productions, including set-runner,
Set-AL, assistant director and lighting technician. She has 3 herself
Films produced, written and directed. Since 2014
Studied in the field of script at the German Film and
Television Academy.

Projects as screenwriter

2019RemusShort FilmLucy RibeiroLR Film, Lucy Ribeiro [de]
2013Tick!Short FilmLucy RibeiroLR Film, Lucy Ribeiro [de]Produzentin
2013Tick!Short FilmLucy RibeiroLR Film, Lucy Ribeiro [de]
2012Elia (Bewerbungsfilm)Short FilmLucy RibeiroHeavenly Creations, Lucy RibeiroDrehbuchautorin

Projects as 1st assistant director

2016LuiShort FilmJanin HalischClara Gerst & Janin Halisch Produktion
2015Lunakid - TechnicolorMusic VideoRico MahelGormazing Unicorns, Jessy Moravec & Tizia Florence [de]

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2019 - TodayScript DevelopmentRemusDrehbuchautorin, RegieLR Films
2018 - TodayScript DevelopmentGnadenschussCo- AutorinDffB / Serie / Christine Otto
2018 - 2019Script DevelopmentBlutWasserDrehbuchautorinDffB
2017 - 2019selfTobI ( Animation)DrehbuchautorinDffB / Kirk Kjeldsen
2015 - 2019Script DevelopmentDle Yaman!DrehbuchautorinDffB
2018selfLady McBeth (Animtation)DrehbuchautorinDffB/ Kirk Kjeldsen
2015freelancingChampion - KurzfilmDrehbuchautorinDffB / Grischa Sautter
2013 - 2014self-employmentTIcK!DrehbuchautorinHeavenlyCreations

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish (Good), French (Basic knowledge), German (Native speaker)
Experience abroadMiddle East: Iran
Southern Europe: Greece
Western Europe: England
Special skillsFinal Draft
Drama Queen
Final cut
Adobe Premiere
Own equipmentOlympus
Preferred place of work1AD
Production Driver
Set- Runner
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
2nd residence (where applicablen)München
Accommodation possibilitiesFreiburg, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Munich, Paris, Stuttgart, Zurich