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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023G2 Esports & Lenovo - Liquid Hans?!Commercial1st assistant camera
    2023Justina - Abbas Agha (WT)Music Videodirector of photography
    2022The SoapGirls - PsychoMusic Videodirector
    2022The SoapGirls - PsychoMusic Videodirector of photography
    2021Vodafone Q4 - Nonstop ins neue NetzCommerciallighting technician / electrician
    2021Marley Spoon - Sommerkampagne 2021Commercialdirector of photography
    2021Adidas X Lego - ClassicCommercialdirector
    2021Cesar B. - The Cake (NOT COMPLETED) (WT)Music Videodirector of photography
    2021Rasha - Lime Tree (NOT RELEASED) (WT)Music Videodirector
    2021Rasha - Lime Tree (NOT RELEASED) (WT)Music Videodirector of photography
    2021Space Chaser - Remnants of TechnologyMusic Videodirector
    2020Caroline Keuser Studio - ForestCommercialdirector
    2020Emmae - Sounds of SorrowMusic Videodirector of photography
    2019Der Sommer kommtEducation/Training Productiondirector of photography
    2019Nike - Just Do It GermanyCommercial1st assistant camera
    2019Alice Phoebe Lou - Skin CrawlMusic Videodirector of photography
    2019Night of the Jumps Hamburg 2019Sportscastdirector of photography
    2018Dino Joubert - Do you?Music Videodirector
    2018Dino Joubert - Do you?Music Videodirector of photography
    2018Night of the Jumps Berlin 2018Sportscastcamera operator