Lovesongs for Scumbags

  • Dougs Deutschland (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2009-2011 | Arthouse | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting25/07/2009
End of shooting15/09/2010

Project data

Aspect ratioTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Acquisition formatDVCPRO HD
Distribution formatDVCPRO HD
Sound formatStereo

Brief synopsis

Doug Blankenship is a ne’er-do-well folk artist who has lived in America in a pathetic state of self-imposed Limbo for the past twenty years since leaving the Army and a girlfriend behind in Germany. Through a sudden stroke of luck, Doug meets a German film producer who is willing to bring him and his spiral notebook full of screenplays to Berlin. The film they eventually make together is called “Love Songs For Scumbags,” about a Neo-Nazi and his drug-addled wife attempting to regain custody of their child from Social Services. Scenes from this film “within the film” run concurrently with Doug’s eventual slip into homelessness and mental illness. Meanwhile, a disturbed Sophie, Doug’s long-lost 20 year-old daughter, (and budding performance artist) comes to Berlin in search of him.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Phillip DuncanDoug [L]
Stefan KoloskoTom [L]
Jule TorhorstSabine [L]
Antje WesselyFrau Ischler [L]
Eva FeroxGabriele [SR]
Maria HenggeSabine Barnstein [SR]
Marilena NetzkerSophie [SR]
Helena PrinceDougs Mutter [SR]
Katja QuinklerDie Verlorene [SR]
Jens RothGerhard [SR]
Antje SchmieleRenate Ischler [SR]
Alexander SternbergSternberg [SR]
Oliver RaddatzThomas [BP]


Director of photographyDennis Helm
1st assistant cameraTobias Reich
Still photographerMarlene Hrubesch
Still photographerThorsten Fleisch
Costume designerJeannette Jürgens
Costume designerSophie Jentzsch
DirectorPhillip Lee Duncan
Script supervisorAyuko Koresawa
EditorDaniel Scheimberg
Makeup artist / hair stylistKatharina Handel
ProducerDaniel Scheimberg
Co-producerThorsten Fleisch
Prop designerHulda Rós Gudnadottir
ScreenwriterPhillip Lee Duncan
Script translatorThorsten Fleisch
Adr mixerSamuel SchmidtTätigkeit ab Anfang 2011
Sound editorSamuel Schmidt

Production companies

Tiptoe Films, Daniel Scheimberg [de]