Love Is All

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    TV Series | Episodes 1-6 | 2022-2023 | OCS [fr] | Dramedy, Romance | France

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    Length of episode26 min
    Episodes from/to1-6

    Brief synopsis

    Marco Delgado, a porn actor at the end of his career, works as a bouncer in a club to make a living. Recently, he is often fainting and falls inanimate. He is diagnosed with a strange illness: he needs love. If he does not find it, one day he will collapse and will not get up.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Frédéric HazanMarco Delgado [SS]
    Laëtitia VerckenLaura Aquaviva [SS]
    Anouk VilleminLilas Kominek [SS]
    Clémentine CélariéMireille Guttman [SS]
    Gérard JugnotPeter Dargo [SS]
    Maxence Danet FauvelTom [SSR]
    TareekAkoun [SSR]
    Tom WozniczkaKÚvin [SSR]
    Camille CombalBryan Colbert [SSR]


    1st ADGabriel Levy
    Director of photographyThierry Pouget
    Costume designerLeila Mazni
    DirectorFrédéric Hazan
    Script supervisorMalvina Desmarest
    EditorSébastien de Sainte-Croix
    ComposerMathieu Blanc-Francard
    ProducerPierre-Marcel Blanchot
    ProducerFabrice Lambot
    Production designerEsthel Eghnart
    Line producerOlivier Lambert
    Line producerCaroline Piras
    Production managerJulien Gayot
    Unit managerRodolphe Croquefer
    ScreenwriterFrédéric Hazan
    Production sound mixerStéphane Gessat
    Production sound mixerCédric Berger
    Sound re-recording mixerSamuel Rouillard
    Sound editorMarvin Lourmel
    Sound editorClément Mancheron

    Production companies

    Phase 4 Productions [fr]


    2023FranceSeries Mania
    Comedy Competition
    Comedy Competition


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    First showingFranceOCS [fr]Thursday, 11/05/2023OCS Max


    PremiereSaturday, 18/03/2023Series Mania [fr]