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Loonies at Large

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    Feature Film | 1992-1993 | Comedy | France

    Project data

    Length of movie1 h 30 min

      Brief synopsis

      In a murderous fit of jealousy, the renowned Collège de France professor, Henri Toussaint, tried to slit his wife's throat after he caught her in bed with a barman. For seven years, he has been incarcerated in a private psychiatric clinic. One day, his psychiatrist, Bertrand Daumale, asks him to meet with his wife for a week-end. She is terminally ill and wants to offer him her forgiveness before leaving this world. After all, it's nothing more than a two-hour car trip at the end of which the professor will receive a farewell kiss which allow him to reconstruct his life - a life that was blown apart in a momentary fit of madness. But... at the last minute, another of the clinic's insanes, a psychotic named Angel, hides himself away in the psychiatrist's car. Angel, a sort of Harpo Marx figure, has the annoying habit of standing on people's feet and pulling the hairs in their nose, all the while giving them a broad smile. So here is the infortunate Bertrand Daumale landed with two companions who quickly prove themselves to be completely unmanageable...


      ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
      Pierre RichardBertrand Daumale [L]
      Michel PiccoliHenri Toussaint [L]
      Dominique PinonAngel [L]
      Florence PernelFabienne [L]
      Édith ScobMadame Toussaint [L]
      Jacques DenisLe contróleur SNCF [L]
      Ronny CoutteureUn routier [L]
      Patrick AlexandreSchramm [L]
      Hélène SurgèreEdith Juillet [L]


      Director of photographyFrançois Lartigue
      Still photographerPierre Gros d'Aillon
      DirectorMarco Pico
      Script supervisorOlivia Bruynoghe
      EditorYoucef Tobni
      ComposerChristophe Defays
      ComposerOlivier Defays
      Production designerDominique André
      Production managerBernard Lorain
      Assistant location managerMarc Guidetti
      ScreenwriterOlivier Dazat
      ScreenwriterPierre Richard
      Production sound mixerJean-Bernard Thomasson
      Production sound mixerJean-Louis Ughetto

      Production companies

      Fideline Films [fr]
      France 2 Cinéma [fr]Coproduction

      Distributing companies

      AFMD Distribution [fr]


      Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 11/08/1993