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London Calling. Cold War Letters

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    Documentary | 2019 | History, Politics | Germany

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    DirectorChristian H. Schulz
    Written byChristian H. Schulz (head writer)
    ProductionSchulz & Wendelmann Film

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    Length of movie45 Min.

      Brief synopsis

      For over 25 years, the BBC gave voice to the silenced people of East Germany by inviting them to secretly write in to a radio programme called Letters without Signature. Broadcast on the BBC’s German Service, the programme gave voice to ordinary East German citizens who wrote about life under the repressive communist regime.

      On the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, this documentary explores an unknown story of the Cold War. It looks at the impact of the Letters without Signature series on both the letter writers in East Germany - who faced jail if discovered - and the producers of the show in London, particularly its mysterious presenter, Austin Harrison.

      Using never-before-seen Stasi files and recordings, London Calling: Cold War Letters documents the tit-for-tat propaganda war between the Stasi and BBC. It reveals a fascinating world of spies, secret state subterfuge and individual acts of bravery.


      Director of photographyArved von zur Mühlen
      DirectorChristian H. Schulz
      EditorMartin Schröder
      ProducerRachel Hooper
      ProducerBritta Kirchner
      Head writerChristian H. Schulz

      Production companies

      Schulz & Wendelmann Film


      TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
      First showingGermanyARD [de]Monday, 18/11/2019, 11.30 PM
      First showingUnited KingdomBBC [uk]Thursday, 07/11/2019, 8.00 PM