Documentary | 2011-2015 | Biography, Period, Politics | Germany

Shooting data

Start of shooting07.11.2011
End of shooting30.11.2012
Number of shooting days25
LocationsVilnius/Litauen, Tel Aviv/Israel

Project data

Length of movie90
Picture formatTV 16:9 (1 : 1,78)
Picture material positiveHD


    director of photographyNossa Schäfer
    directorChristian Carlsen
    editorPhilipp Jansen
    co-producerSimon B. Stein
    boom operatorMartin NevoigtDrehorte: Litauen und Israel
    sound re-recording mixerClemens Nürnberger
    sound designerClemens Nürnberger
    coloristAlexander VexlerDaVinci Resolve 11