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Livia von Seld, actress, speaker, Berlin
  • Actress
  • speaker

Basic data

DialectsHamburgisch (Native dialect)
Skills (dance)BalletHistorical DancePole DanceTap Dance
Skills (sports)aikidofencing (stage)rock climbingstand-up paddlingyoga
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], B (car) [eu]



  • "The Wish" wins four times at the D&Ad Award 2022
    Covid-19 caused severe disruptions to life. In Germany, young people were among those who suffered most from the pandemic’s restrictions as they dealt with homeschooling, restricted contact and long periods under lockdown, all while losing out on essential experiences. As a food supplier, PENNY remained attuned to the everyday life of its customers, and recognised that a conversation needed to be had about the lost youth of a generation. To do so, its campaign film, The Wish, turned the very unusual Christmas wish of a mother into a plea of a generation, sparking conversation across the country.

About Livia von Seld

Livia von Seld is an actress, designer and mother, half-Swedish, lives in Berlin and was born in Hamburg. Their playing age is between 39 and 55 years. She is an honorary member of the Hamburg Golden Pudel Club swimming group, sings enthusiastic Swedish folk songs (thanks to her Swedish mother) and works as a DJ. Versatile and yet very clear: "Acting is the best job there is!”


2008 to 2011Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin (ZAV Abschluss)
2007 to 2008Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin (Berufsbegleitendes Schauspielseminar)
2004Thalia Treffpunkt Hamburg (Theater Workshop)
2003Thalia Treffpunkt Hamburg (Theater-Workshop)
1994 to 1996Amt für Kirchenmusik


2022D&AD Award Yellow Pencil / Casting / Performance / 2022

Movies as actress

2023When I Think About Love
Yves [L]
Short FilmSamuel N. SchwarzYves [L]
2021Penny - Der Wunsch. Weihnachtswunder 2021
Mother [L]
Corporate FilmMarcus IbanezMother [L]
2020Walk of Care - Schichtwechsel
Pflegerin [L]
Spec CommercialAnnegret von FeiertagPflegerin [L]
2020Sparkasse - Apple Pay. Für die ganz normalen Leute
Mother [L]
CommercialJ J AdlerMother [L]
2019Vinted - Mamikreisel & Kleiderkreisel. Apps (mehrere Spots)
Mother (2 Spots) [L]
CommercialArnoldas BlinkeviciusMother (2 Spots) [L]
2018Idealo - Jeder Kauf Idealo (6 Spots)
Mother [L]
CommercialCarlo OppermannMother [L]
2017Ivan Dorn - Beverly
Jury [GS]
Music VideoAnnegret von FeiertagJury [GS]
2015Ikea - Pax. Postaw na PAX
Frau [L]
CommercialMichał SablińskiFrau [L]
2015Audio88 & Yassin - Taschentuch mit Mädness (prod. Torky Tork)
Selbst [L]
Music VideoBjörn DunneSelbst [L]
2015Das Experiment
Sie (HR) [L]
Education/Training ProductionSabine EhrlSie (HR) [L]
2014Billa Hausverstand - Treue macht sich immer bezahlt
Einkäuferin [SR]
CommercialJan BonnyEinkäuferin [SR]
2014Strato AG - Das Internet weiß, was Du brauchst
Dame im Park [SR]
CommercialPeter HartonDame im Park [SR]
2013Dacia Dokker - Statusymbol
Mutter [L]
CommercialThomas Hoffmann [1]Mutter [L]
2013Zimmer 708
NN [L]
Short FilmDieu Hao DoNN [L]
Ella [L]
Short FilmDieu Hao DoElla [L]
2012Englischer Rasen (Bewerbungsfilm)
Sylvia [L]
Short FilmJakob RühleSylvia [L]
2012AOK - Image 2012 (WT)
Sommerfest Mutter [L]
CommercialManuel WernerSommerfest Mutter [L]
2012Otto - Katalog 2012
Fraumit Teppich [SR]
CommercialWiebke BerndtFraumit Teppich [SR]
2011Breaking Horizons
Barkeeper [SR]
Feature FilmPola BeckBarkeeper [SR]
2011Deutschland rundet auf Partner GmbH - Kleine Cents, Grosse Wirkung
Livia [L]
CommercialStephan HadjamLivia [L]

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
2022bizplayKonferenzPresenterK3 Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Karlsruhe
2021SchutzDigitalHörspiel für eLearningSpeakerSchutz.digital GmbH

Basic data

Height170 cm
Ethnic appearancescandinavian, white central european
Hair colourdark blond
Hair lengthlong
Eye colourblue
DialectsHamburgisch (Native dialect)
Voice typealto
Skills (dance)BalletHistorical DancePole DanceTap Dance
Skills (sports)aikidofencing (stage)rock climbingstand-up paddlingyoga
Special skillsDJ, Painting, Drawing, Paperart
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], B (car) [eu]
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesHamburg, Munich