Independent Feature Film | 2021-2022 | Fantasy, Horror, Splatter | Germany
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Shooting data

Filming regionsAustria - Tyrol, Canada, Germany - Baden-Württemberg, Germany - Bavaria

Brief synopsis

Johannes is badly wounded in a battle in World War I and wakes up weeks later in the care of an attractive woman who lives the life of a hermit and has nursed him back to health. He falls in love with the pretty woman named Levizia and soon realizes that things are not right with her. Soon after, Johannes, who has no memory of his past, is wanted as a deserter and has to flee with Levizia. Bit by bit Levizia confronts him with the fact that his life was completely different before and that she should never love him. A confrontation with her pursuers and the compulsion of her destiny seems inevitable... !


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Verena KonietschkeLevizia [L]
Martin WaldeJohannes [L]
Uwe BollUwe [GS]
Pat WindHansi [GS]
Erhard Hartmannn.a. [SR]
Gerhard Georg JilkaAsladam [SR]
Bela KlentzeAdolf Hitler [SR]
Adam JaskolkaAdam [SR]
Monique BartnikIsadir [SR]
Thorsten Dannerhead pathologist [SR]
Anni AdlerLacia [SR]
Mark WamslerLynchmob Anführer [SR]
Falk MichaelMob1 [SR]
Peter PreißingMob2 [SR]
Bernardo BauerMob3 [SR]
Manuela GoetzFrau [SR]
Clément Chevalierfrench soldier 01 [SR]
René Krzokgerman soldier 03 [SR]
Andreas Rimkusgerman soldier 01 [SR]
Patrick Langfrench soldier 02 [SR]
Kolja Philipgerman soldier 04 [SR]
Florian ParzerHuntsman [SR]
Frank JungeGeneral Wolfenstein [SR]
Tobias Maximilian ZeitzFranz [SR]
Michael HochJosef [SR]


Concept artist (vfx)Sebastian Khayat
Concept artist (vfx)Christoph Dahlhausen
VFX production coordinatorChristoph Dahlhausen
ColoristGino Panaro
Digital intermediate assistantRyan Hoffman
Director of photographyChristian Kitscha
Camera operatorFrank Piskalla
Camera operatorMartin Faltermeier
Camera operatorMichael Muck Kremtz
Drone camera operatorMichael Muck Kremtz
Drone camera operatorDave Lerrick
Drone camera operatorJesse Kuhn
1st assistant cameraMartin Faltermeier
1st assistant cameraSascha Hoffmann [1]
1st assistant cameraPhilipp Förster
B-/C-Cam by the day
B-/C-Cam by the day
1st assistant cameraMichaela Peter
1st assistant cameraJohannes Pfau
2nd assistant cameraMichaela Peter
2nd assistant cameraPhilipp Förster
2nd assistant cameraMariusz Stalmach
Data wrangler / digital loaderPhilipp Förster
Data wrangler / digital loaderAndreas Menge
Still photographerAnna Koszescha
Still photographerAndreas Menge
DirectorOlaf Ittenbach
EditorBeatrice Festerling
GafferSascha Hoffmann [1]
GafferMartin Faltermeier
Lighting technician / electricianMartin Faltermeier
Lighting technician / electricianLucas Plank
Lighting technician / electricianSascha Hoffmann [1]
Lighting technician / electricianMaximilian Klampfl
Makeup artist / hair stylistFranziska Hautmann
Makeup artist / hair stylistStefanie Weindl
Makeup artist / hair stylistStefania Russo
Makeup artist / hair stylistAneta Graniger
Fx makeup artistOlaf Ittenbach
ProducerChristian Kitscha
ProducerOlaf Ittenbach
ProducerThomas Heigl
Delegate producerThomas Heigl
Co-producerMirko Brunst
Location scoutDaniel Tränkl
Location scoutAngie Miller
Graphic designerAmer Shihab
Production managerThomas Heigl
Location managerAngie Miller
Set manager/ floor managerDino Tomasek
Production sound mixerFabian Dietl
Special effects supervisorOlaf Ittenbach
Special effects supervisorRainer Metz
Special effects supervisorChristian Bierling
Special effects technicianManu Metz
Special effects technicianDirk Finger [1]
ArmorerRainer Metz
PyrotechnistChristian Bierling
Stunt coordinatorMark Wamsler
Stunt coordinatorMorad Azzaaoui
Stuntman/womanNicole Keller
Stuntman/womanPeter Preißing
Stuntman/womanBernardo Bauer
Stuntman/womanFalk Michael
Stuntman/womanMarkus Pütterich
Stuntman/womanKristina Simonenko


Cameras and UtilitiesDedo Weigert Film GmbH
Film Processing/TransfersSSI Advanced Post [us]