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Les Misérables

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    Feature Film | 2018-2019 | Drama | France

    Shooting data

    Start of shooting28/08/2018
    End of shooting28/09/2018
    LocationsClichy-sous-Bois & Montfermeil (France)
    Filming regionsFrance - Paris Île-de-France

    Project data


    Brief synopsis

    Stéphane has recently joined the Anti-Crime Brigade in Montfermeil, in the Paris suburbs. Alongside his new colleagues Chris and Gwada – both experienced members of the team – he quickly discovers tensions running high between neighbourhood gangs. When they find themselves overrun during the course of an arrest, a drone captures their every movement, their every action… Inspired by the riots of 2005, César nominee and Kourtrajmé* collective member Ladj Ly explores contemporary Montfermeil, the same place where Victor Hugo chose to set “Les Misérables” in 1862. More than 150 years later, the similarities between today’s angry, hoodie-wearing youth and Gavroche are only too clear.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Damien BonnardStéphane [L]
    Alexis ManentiChris [L]
    Djebril ZongaGwada [L]
    Jeanne BalibarCommissaire de police [GS]
    Steve TientcheuLe Maire [SR]
    Issa PericaIssa [SR]
    Al-Hassan LyBuzz [SR]
    Almamy KanoutéSalah [SR]
    Nizar Ben FatmaLa Pince [SR]
    Raymond LopezZorro [SR]
    Luciano LopezLuciano [SR]
    Jaihson LopezJaihson [SR]
    Omar SoumareMacha [SR]
    Sana JoachaimBintou [SR]
    Lucas OmiriSlim [SR]
    Sofia LesaffreFille de l'arrêt de bus [BP]


    1st ADArthur Guerrand
    Post production supervisorBénédicte Pollet
    Director of photographyJulien Poupard
    Costume designerMarine Galliano
    DirectorLadj Ly
    Script supervisorJeanne Fontaine-Sarda
    EditorFlora Volpelière
    ProducerChristophe Barral
    ProducerToufik Ayadi
    Production designerKarim Lagati
    Production managerLaurène Ladoge
    Unit manager (local system)Jérôme Briand
    ScreenwriterGiordano Gederlini
    ScreenwriterLadj Ly
    ScreenwriterAlexis Manenti
    Production sound mixerArnaud Lavaleix

    Production companies

    Srab Films [fr]
    Rectangle Productions [fr]
    Lyly Films [fr]

    Distribution / Sales companies

    Amazon Studios [us]
    Goodfellas (previously Wild Bunch Distribution) [fr]
    World Sales
    World Sales
    Le Pacte [fr]
    Distribution France
    Distribution France


    Subtitles / Audio descriptionMimikri Media
    German subtitles Birgit Leib
    German subtitles Birgit Leib


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Ladj Ly2021Polish Film Awards: Eagles [pl]
    Best European Film
    Best European FilmWinner
    Srab Films [fr]2021Polish Film Awards: Eagles [pl]
    Best European Film
    Best European FilmWinner
    Ladj Ly2020Friedenspreis des Deutschen Films [de]
    Internationaler Friedenspreis
    Internationaler FriedenspreisWinner
    Srab Films [fr]2020Academy Awards (Oscar) [us]
    International Feature Film
    International Feature FilmNominated
    Giordano Gederlini2019European Film Awards [eu]
    European Screenplay
    European ScreenplayNominated
    Julien Poupard2019Festival de Cannes - Prix CST [fr]
    Prix CST de l'Artiste-Technicien
    Prix CST de l'Artiste-TechnicienWinner
    Ladj Ly2019Festival de Cannes [fr]
    Caméra d'or
    Caméra d'orNominated
    Ladj Ly2019Gilde Filmpreis [de]
    Bester Spielfilm (international)
    Bester Spielfilm (international)Nominated
    Ladj Ly2019European Film Awards [eu]
    European Film
    European FilmNominated
    Ladj Ly2019European Film Awards [eu]
    European Screenplay
    European ScreenplayNominated


    2020GermanyFestival des Deutschen Films
    2019SpainSan Sebastian Film Festival (Zinemaldia)
    2019FranceFestival de Cannes
    Sélection officielle - Compétition
    Sélection officielle - Compétition
    2019GermanyFilmfest München
    2019CanadaToronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
    Contemporary World Cinema
    Contemporary World Cinema


    TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
    RepeatFranceTF1 [fr]Sunday, 27/11/2022, 10.55 PM
    RepeatBelgiumBe TV [be]Tuesday, 16/03/2021, 1.20 AMBe Ciné
    RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Saturday, 13/03/2021, 10.45 AMCanal+ Cinéma
    RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Thursday, 11/03/2021, 9.05 PM
    RepeatFranceCanal+ [fr]Tuesday, 19/01/2021, 9.00 PMCanal+ Cinéma
    RepeatBelgiumBe TV [be]Thursday, 22/10/2020, 8.30 PMBe Ciné
    First showingFranceCanal+ [fr]Tuesday, 06/10/2020, 9.05 PM
    First showingBelgiumBe TV [be]Friday, 02/10/2020, 8.30 PMBe 1

    Cinema releases and premieres

    Theatre releaseUnited KingdomFriday, 04/09/2020
    Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 23/01/2020
    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 20/11/2019
    PremiereWednesday, 15/05/2019Festival de Cannes [fr]