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Limited series | Episodes 1-8 | 2020-2022 | Avrotros [nl] | Drama | Netherlands
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Shooting data

LocationsPoland: Lower Silesia (Borowa Oleśnicka, Jaworzyna Śląska), Kraków, Zakopane
Filming regionsNetherlands, Poland

Project data

Episodes from/to1-8

Brief synopsis

Legacy tells the story of Alexander Münninghoff (Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen) who fell in love with the self-assured, free-spirited Ellen (Sallie Harmsen) in the late 1960s. When, after a beautiful night of love, he confesses that his father, Frans Münninghoff (Robert de Hoog, as a young Frans, Marcel Hensema as an old Frans), was an SS man during the war, Ellen reacts dismissively. Her family suffered greatly from the war. She disappears from his life … only to reappear in it a good month later. She is pregnant. The twenties want to keep the child and decide to get married. But then on the condition that Alexander deals with his dark family past. Alexander finds out that he knows very little about his parents and grandfather (Gijs Scholten van Aschat).
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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Robert de HoogFrans Munninghof [SS]
Sallie HarmsenEllen [SS]
Marcel HensemaFrans Münninghoff - old age [SS]
Gijs Scholten van AschatFrans' grandfather [SS]
Matthijs van de Sande BakhuyzenAlexander Münninghoff [SS]
Florian BartholomäiManfred Sommerlin [SSR]
Hans BrücknerKarl Reinhard [SSR]
Therese HämerNadja Lemcke [SSR]
Florian KroopWolfie [SSR]
Juri SenftPauli [SSR]
Lisa KarlströmWera Lemcke [SSR]
Lukas MikoRichard Ebel [LE]
Carsten CanigliaSD Inspektor [SR]
Jens-Peter FiedlerSS - Hauptsturmführer [SR]
Gerhard GutberletPastor [SR]
Jürg PlüssSS Oberscharfuhrer [SR]
Jörg WestphalSiegfried Bauer [SR]
Jacob KellerObersturmführer [SR]
David GrüttnerHansje [SR]


CostumerJan Eysymontt
DirectorDiederik van Rooijen
ProducerChantal van der Horst
ScreenwriterRik D'Hiet
Literary sourceAlexander Münninghoff

Production companies

Avrotros [nl]
Column Film [nl]


CastingMKM Studio [pl]
CostumesTheaterkunst GmbH Kostümausstattung