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Leave No Traces

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    Feature Film | 2020-2021 | Canal+ [pl] | Drama, History | Czech Republic, France, Poland
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    Brief synopsis

    A true story set in 1983 in Warsaw. 24-year old Jurek witnesses the fatal beating of his friend, Grzegorz by the communist police. Since Jurek is the only eyewitness to the beating and is very keen on testifying, the entire power of the communist regime, represented by general Kiszczak, the minister of internal affairs, is unleashed on Jurek. His flat is wiretapped, all his conversations are listened to and analyzed by the police and he is followed round the clock by several dozen secret agents wherever he goes. He finds himself torn between his loyalty to Barbara, the mother of his late friend and his own parents, who are persecuted by the government. Despite the pressure Jurek finds the strength to testify but his relationship both with Barbara and his parents is irreparably broken.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Mateusz GórskiGrzegorz Przemyk [L]
    Sandra Korzeniakn.a. [L]
    Tomasz ZiętekJurek [L]
    Adam Bobikn.a. [SR]
    Jacek Braciakn.a. [SR]
    Agnieszka Grochowskan.a. [SR]
    Aleksandra Koniecznan.a. [SR]
    Tomasz Kotn.a. [SR]
    Robert Więckiewiczn.a. [SR]


    Director of photographyKacper Fertacz
    Casting directorPiotr Bartuszek
    Costume designerMałgorzata Zacharska
    DirectorJan P. Matuszyński
    EditorPrzemysław Chruścielewski
    Key makeup artist/hair stylistPola Guźlińska
    ProducerAneta Hickinbotham
    ProducerLeszek Bodzak
    Co-producerMikuláš Novotný
    Production designerPaweł Jarzębski
    ScreenwriterKaja Krawczyk-Wnuk
    Literary sourceCezary Łazarewicz

    Production companies

    Arte [de/fr]Co-production
    Aurum Film [pl]
    Background Films [cz]Co-production
    Canal+ [pl]Co-production
    Les Contes Modernes [fr]Co-production
    Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission [pl]Co-production

    Distributing companies

    Kino Świat [pl]Poland
    New Europe Film Sales [pl]world sales


    Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
    Jan P. Matuszyński2017Connecting Cottbus [de]Midpoint AwardWinner


    Theatre releasePolandFriday, 08/10/2021