Laurent Perrot, production manager, Paris

    Projects as production manager

    2021Before The Spring (WT)Feature FilmLotfy NathanCinenovo [fr]
    2019Night ShiftFeature FilmAnne FontaineF comme Film [fr]

    Film projects in other capacities

    2019Cinquième SetFeature FilmQuentin Reynaud22h22 Production [fr]unit manager
    2018FourmiFeature FilmJulien RappeneauThe Film [fr]unit manager
    2018White As SnowFeature FilmAnne FontaineMandarin Production [fr]unit manager
    2017Treat me Like FireFeature FilmMarie MongeThe Film [fr]unit manager
    2017A Man in a HurryFeature FilmHervé MimranAlbertine Productions [fr]unit manager
    2016Reinventing MarvinFeature FilmAnne FontaineCiné@ [fr]unit manager
    2016Based on a True StoryFeature FilmRoman PolanskiWY Productions [fr]unit manager
    2015Rosalie BlumFeature FilmJulien RappeneauThe Film [fr]unit manager
    2014DémonsTV Movie, arteMarcial Di Fonzo BoLes Films du Poisson [fr]unit manager
    2014Too Close to Our SonFeature FilmYves AngeloEpithète Films [fr]unit manager
    2014L'Odeur de la mandarineFeature FilmGilles LegrandEpithète Films [fr]unit manager
    2013Paris FolliesFeature FilmMarc FitoussiAvenue B Productions [fr]assistant location manager
    2013Venus in FurFeature FilmRoman PolanskiRP Productions, Roman Polanski [fr]unit manager
    2013Gemma BoveryFeature FilmAnne FontaineCiné@ [fr]assistant location manager
    2012JoséphineFeature FilmAgnès ObadiaLes Films du 24 [fr]unit manager
    2012A Castle in ItalyFeature FilmValeria Bruni TedeschiSBS Films [fr]assistant location manager
    2011CarnageFeature FilmRoman PolanskiSBS Films [fr]assistant location manager
    2011Paris-ManhattanFeature FilmSophie LelloucheVendôme Production [fr]assistant location manager
    2011L'Oncle CharlesFeature FilmÉtienne ChatiliezLes Productions du Champ Poirier [fr]assistant location manager
    2010My Worst NightmareFeature FilmAnne FontaineCiné@ [fr]assistant location manager

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish German Japanese Spanish
    Education- Training « Copyrights & contracts » (Dixit Formation-2015)
    - Master Company law (University of Savoy-2006)
    - Licence Labour Law (University of Lyon III – 2004)

    Softwares : Excel & Movie Magic Software
    Immediate working areaParis
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France
    2nd residence (if applicable)Lyon