Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2020Dear MotherFeature FilmJean-Louis [L]
    2018Little White Lies 2Feature FilmAntoine [L]
    2017One Nation, One KingFeature FilmLouis XVI [L]
    2017SavageFeature FilmPaul [L]
    2017Paul Sanchez Is Back!Feature FilmSanchez [L]
    2017School's OutFeature FilmPierre [L]
    2016See You Up ThereFeature FilmPradelle [L]
    2015ElleFeature FilmPatrick [SR]
    2014BoomerangFeature FilmAntoine [L]
    2014Daddy or MommyFeature FilmVincent Leroy [L]
    2012On The Other Side of The TracksFeature FilmFrançois Monge [L]Marcus Off
    201216 ans ou presqueFeature FilmArnaud Mustier [L]
    2012The Love PunchFeature FilmVincent [L]
    2012Mood IndigoFeature FilmThe society's owner [SR]
    2003The Role of Her LifeFeature FilmArnaud [SR]