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Feature Film | 2020-2021 | Comedy, Drama, Science Fiction | Germany, USA

Shooting data

Filming regionsUSA - New Mexico

Project data

Film financing
Length of movie1h 53min
Aspect ratioCinemascope (1 : 2,39)
Acquisition formatFilmstream 4:4:4
Distribution formatDCP
Sound formatDolby SRD / Dolby digital (5.1, 6 channels)

Brief synopsis

Simin is an Iranian woman on a journey to discover what it means to be a free American. She works for the Census Bureau which, in an effort to control its citizens, has begun a program to record their dreams. Unaware of this devious plot, Simin is torn between her compassion for those whose dreams she is recording and a truth she must find within.

Haunted by the fact that her father was executed by the Islamic regime in Iran, Simin has developed a coping mechanism through a world of fantasy and playacting. She captures her interviewees’ dreams, secretly impersonates them in Farsi and publishes them on social media where she finds a growing Iranian audience.

Soon Simin meets Mark; a drifter, a free soul, and a poet who declares his love for her at first sight; and Alan, a cynical cowboy turned detective, full of machismo and the American spirit of adventure. As Simin enters the triad, she finds the two men's competition and conflicts amusing and silently enjoys the ride.

Playful and poignant, "Land of Dreams" acknowledges in a surreal and satirical way, the greatness of the American experiment while offering a warning beacon for what could come.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Sheila VandSimin [L]
Matt DillonAlan [L]
William MoseleyMark [L]
Isabella RosselliniJane [L]
Christopher McDonaldBlair / Bob [SR]
Anna GunnNancy / Betty [SR]
Joaquim de AlmeidaJulian / Dr. Palmer [SR]
Nicole Ansari-CoxSimin's Mother / Maria [SR]
Robin BartlettJackie [SR]
Gaius CharlesDavid [SR]
Mohammad GhaffariHirsute Man [BP]


Director of photographyGhasem Ebrahimian
Costume designerNegar Ali
DirectorShirin Neshat
DirectorShoja Azari
EditorMike Selemon
ComposerMichael Brook
ProducerAmir Hamz
ProducerSol Tryon
ProducerChristian Springer
Executive producerAmir Neshat
Executive producerShirin Neshat
Executive producerFahri Yardim
Executive producerMark Amin
Production designerRick Gilbert
Set decoratorNoe Gomez
Line producerJohannes Jancke
ScreenwriterJean-Claude Carrière
ScreenwriterShoja Azari
Script consultantTeresa Wolff

Distribution / Sales companies

Beta Cinema GmbH
Germany (theatrical) 2022
Germany (theatrical) 2022


2021ItalyVenice Film Festival
2021GermanyFilmfest Hamburg

Cinema releases and premieres

Theatre releaseSwitzerlandThursday, 24/11/2022
Theatre releaseGermanyThursday, 03/11/2022