Laetitia Hogday, key makeup artist, Strasbourg
  • Key makeup artist
Born 1977 in Provins (44 Years)

    Projects as key makeup artist

    2020Disparition inquiétante - Instincts maternelsTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Arnauld MercadierDe Caelis Production [fr]
    2019Disparition inquiétante - Une affaire personnelleTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Arnauld MercadierDe Caelis Production [fr]
    2018Murder in MoselleTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Olivier BarmaQuad [fr]
    2018Black SpotTV Series, France 2 [fr]Thierry PoiraudEgo Productions [fr]
    2017Maacher JholFeature FilmPratim D. GuptaMojo Productions [in]
    2016Let's Face the Music and DanceShort FilmKartick SinghDobro Films [fr]
    2013François First DayShort FilmMultipleAsa Films [fr]

    Film projects in other capacities

    20211432 (WT)Short FilmAlix PoissonBlacktool Studio [fr]additional makeup artist
    2021L'Amour selon Dalva (WT)Feature FilmEmmanuelle NicotHélicotronc [be]key hair stylist
    2021Les Combattantes (WT)Limited series, TF1 [fr]Alexandre LaurentQuad [fr]additional makeup artist
    2021Face à faceTV Series, France 2 [fr]MultipleTroisième Œil [fr]additional makeup artist
    2021La Revanche des crevettes pailletéesFeature FilmMultipleLes Improductibles [fr]additional makeup artist
    2020Her WayFeature FilmCécile DucrocqDomino Films [fr]additional makeup artist
    2020Secret NameFeature FilmAurélia Georges31 Juin Films [fr]additional makeup artist
    2020Meurtres à MulhouseTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Delphine LemoinePing et Pong Productions [fr]additional make up artist
    2020César Wagner - Sombres desseinsTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Antoine GarceauIncognita Films [fr]additional makeup artist
    2020César Wagner - Sang et EauxTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Antoine GarceauIncognita Films [fr]additional makeup artist
    2020Face à faceTV Series, France 2 [fr]July HygreckTroisième Œil [fr]makeup artist episodes 4-8
    2018La Forêt d'argentTV Movie, arteEmmanuel BourdieuItalique Productions [fr]additional makeup artist
    2018Capitaine Marleau - Les Roseaux noirsTV-Movie (Series), France 3 [fr]Josée DayanPassionfilms [fr]additional makeup artist
    2018Disparition inquiétante - PiloteTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Arnauld MercadierDe Caelis Production [fr]additional makeup artist
    2017Au-delà des apparencesLimited series, France 3 [fr]Eric WorethKam&Ka [fr]additional makeup artist
    2017Aux animaux la guerreLimited series, France 3 [fr]Alain TasmaEuropaCorp [fr]additional makeup artist
    2017I Love You 2Limited series, arteClément MichelItalique Productions [fr]additional makeup artist

    Basic data

    LanguagesFrench German
    Immediate working areaStrasbourg
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Grand Est
    2nd residence (if applicable)Perthes 77 / Sens 89
    Accommodation possibilitiesParis