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© Mother Productions
Limited series | Episodes 1-6 | 2019-2020 | France 2 [fr] | Drama, Period, Whodunit | France

Shooting data

Start of shooting15/07/2019
End of shooting25/10/2019

Project data

Length of episode52'
Episodes from/to1-6

Brief synopsis

In the Paris of the Roaring Twenties, Louise Kerlac dresses up as a man and takes on her brother’s identity to join the Police Criminal Task Force. A world strictly off limits to women... Having witnessed a murder which people are attempting to pin on her, infiltrating the police is the only shot she has to cast light on the affair that destroyed both her life and her family. Louise must become Detective “Antoine Kerlac”.

As she joins the squad, she is confronted with a series of murders of young models who posed for the Montparnasse artists. She works the case with true grit and genuine talent, yet never abandoning “her own case”. In order to infiltrate the Parisian bohemian night life and to protect her true identity, she creates a flamboyant female alter ego of herself, Gisele. Louise is now investigating as a man by day and as a woman by night. These two investigations will shatter the core of her existence...

Louise is a woman who dresses up as a man to save her life, but also to be able to live freely. A woman who loves the thrill of her job, the independence that ensues, all the while aware that it will lead her to difficult, life defining choices.

By wearing masks Louise will find the path to her true self.

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Laura SmetLouise Kerlac [SS]
Grégory FitoussiRoman Ketoff [SS]
Tom HygreckAntoine Kerlac [SS]
Noémie KocherSuzanne Vandel [GS]
Jérôme DeschampsDocteur Paul [SSR]
Aurélien RecoingPardieu [SSR]
Lilly-Fleur PointeauxLydia [SSR]
Clément AubertMax [SSR]
Aladin ReibelM. Vandel [SSR]
Avant StrangelSidney Bechet [SSR]


Director of photographyPierre Jodoin
Costume designerCéline Guignard Rajot
Assistant costume designerCécile Box
DirectorPaolo Barzman
EditorCatherine Schwartz
EditorKako Kelber
ProducerDominique Lancelot
ProducerHarold Valentin
ProducerAurélien Larger
Production designerCatherine Jarrier-Prieur
Location scoutYann Le BorgneRepérages Ile-de-France
CreatorDominique Lancelot
ScreenwriterMarie-Anne Le Pezennec
ScreenwriterAlexandra Juilhet
IdeaHarold Valentin
IdeaDominique Lancelot


2020FranceSéries ManiaFrench Competition