© Unlimited / Dor Film / Equation
© Unlimited / Dor Film / Equation

La Fin du silence

  • Les gens ne savent pas peut-être (Working title)
Feature Film | 2009-2011 | Drama | France

Shooting data

Number of shooting days30


Brief synopsis

A violent quarrel bursts in a remote house in the Vosges mountains.
On the first day, Jean, the younger son of a family, is thrown out of the house after a violent quarrel. He joins a group of hunters for a beat and learns how to kill. The following night, his mother’s car is torched. He is held responsible. Jean disappears into the forest…


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Franck FaliseJean [L]
Marianne BaslerIda [SR]
Carlo BrandtThéo [SR]
Thierry FrémontNils [SR]
Alexis MichalikLuc [SR]
Maia MorgensternAnne [SR]


Director of photographyFrédéric Serve
Casting directorMaya Serrulla
Costume designerCarole Gérard
DirectorRoland Edzard
GafferSylvain Verdet
ProducerPhilippe Avril
Production designerOlivier MeidingerQuinzaine des Réalisateurs Cannes 2011
Art directorJean-François Sturm
Set builderPhilippe Fieffel
Set builderSébastien Heitz
Scenic painterThomas Dirsch
Production managerPierre Dufour
Unit managerLionel Baudu
Unit managerKarine Raphael
ScreenwriterRoland Edzard
Production sound mixerXavier Griette

Production companies

Unlimited [fr]

Distributing companies

Doc & Film International [fr]International Sales
Equation [fr]Distribution France


Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 07/12/2011