L'Amour maudit de Leisenbohg

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    Feature Film | 1998 | Austria, Czech Republic, France

    Brief synopsis

    The Baron of Leisenbogh is in love with Claire, but she marries the Duke Richard, a strange man, keen on occultism, who dies of a horse accident. Before dying, he makes her swear that no man will ever touch her, otherwise the man will die and go to hell.


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Michel PiccoliBaron de Leisenbohg [L]
    Anouk AiméeClaire Hell [L]
    Friedrich von ThunDuc Richard [SR]
    Amadeus AugustSiegfried [SR]


    Casting directorCornelia von BraunGerman Cast
    DirectorÉdouard Molinaro
    Unit production managerGünter PrantlDirecteur Production
    ScreenwriterÉdouard Molinaro
    ScreenwriterPascal Bonitzer
    Literary sourceArthur Schnitzler

    Production companies

    Progéfi [fr]
    Taurus Film GmbH & Co. KG [de]