©ZDF/Stefan Erhard
©ZDF/Stefan Erhard
TV Movie (multi-part) | 2020 | ZDF [de] | Drama, Family, Period | Germany
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Main data

DirectorSabine Bernardi
Written byMarc Terjung (head writer)
ProductionUFA Fiction

Shooting data

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ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Claudia MichelsenCaterina Schöllack [L]
Sonja GerhardtMonika [L]
Maria EhrichHelga [L]
Emilia SchüleEva [L]
Sabin TambreaJoachim Franck [L]
Trystan PütterFreddy Donath [L]
August Wittgensteinn.n. [L]
Heino FerchDr. Jürgen Fassbender [L]


DirectorSabine Bernardi
ProducerBenjamin Benedict
Delegate producerMarc Lepetit
Creative producerAnnette Hess
Head writerMarc Terjung
Commissioning editorHeike Hempel
Commissioning editorBastian Wagner
Commissioning editorBeate Bramstedt
Commissioning editor (web)Martin Böhrer
Vfx supervisorManfred Büttner

Production companies

UFA Fiction


Extras/Bit PlayerAgentur Filmgesichter | Johanna Ragwitz