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Kseniia Kozhukhova, actress, Berlin
  • Actress
Born 1979 in Odessa Ukraine (44 Years)

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Immediate working areaBerlin
2nd residence (if applicable)Kyiv
1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine


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    About Kseniia Kozhukhova

    Kseniia Kozhukhova
    Theatre director.
    Actress cinema and theatre.

    Education :
    -Southern National Pedagogical University named after K.D.Ushinsky .Odessa .

    When I was little, my Mom traveled a lot for work and brought me those sweets from Germany. At that time they were like a miracle for me, which can only happen in childhood.
    My name is Ksenia Kozhukhova and I am an actress, or at least had been the last time I checked. That was my smart-ass way to start the interviews with Casting and Cinema directors. What a wonderful time it had been... ..
    On February 23 I was acting on movie set near Kiev and a low-flying plane with a huge headlight caught my attention. My colleagues reassured me that it was our military aviation maneuvers, however I only managed to fall asleep at about 2 am, but at 5 am, like in Hitchhock movies, my eyes opened wide while I was lying in a dark bedroom because the Thunder struck: a dull, powerful sound which made the window glass rattle and shatter onto the balcony. I stayed motionless for a while lying on my bed in the darkness and then heard the alarm, approached the window to see a motorcade of police cars and our neighbor who was putting on his jacket with frozen hands, he finally managed to open his car and the clutch squealed.
    The phone ringing broke the silence: MOTHER .5:30 in the morning. " we are bombed …..”
    Then there was news on Google, subscribing to information channels, making a decision to speak only in Ukrainian, because it’s like a talisman, Molotov cocktails, a trip to Odessa crossing numerous checkpoints, bomb shelters, little nephews who begged: "buy us candy, please” and it hurt so much just to look at those adult, but still so young people, who had already faced insurmountable trials….
    When we finally got to Moldova, Nadia met us and she enveloped us in so much care that we regained our wish to live.
    My friend wanted to take her children abroad, but she was afraid to do it on her own. I offered my help and we went on a heart breaking journey across Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, and finally Germany.

    What stuff should I have taken with me but didn’t? I took some money and my ID. I grabbed a couple of rings, earrings, pectoral cross (characters in movies always wear jewelry on their trips). But I left the cross on the wall, I leave all the icons behind to guard my home and my city, Odessa and Kyiv.I watered all my plants, but how long they will last if I never return? Who will defrost my freezer? I left behind my heart. My grandmother’s photograph is still on the shelf. I left a new moisturizer in the bathroom. I’ve never even used it. Stop thinking about the moisturizer, you stupid woman, and watch the road!

    I focus on the road. What else did I leave behind? I left everything behind. I took only the most important with me: my mother, sister and nephews. I left behinds my friends, our unfinished movie, the streets of my city. The chestnuts will soon bloom and I won't see them.
    What should one pack to start a new life somewhere? What right did they have to take away the life I’ve already built?
    Have you ever wondered what you’d take with you if you thought you might never come home again? I’ve been thinking about it for the past eight years, and more so during these past few months, but I could never settle on anything. How could anyone prepare for that? What should we pack in order to do … what? Start a new life somewhere? But what right did they have to take the life I’ve already built here? No, we didn’t deserve any of that. But listen, no one deserves to be bombed, to flee or to die, just because the dictator of a country gone mad desires your destruction.
    For someone out there, this was the last year they could have got pregnant. Someone else was just finishing decorating their new apartment (now a shelter for refugees, welcome!). Someone had just finished paying off a debt (now back in the red again), another person lay dying on a bed (surrounded by the loved ones, now he will die on the road or under bombardment).
    We were about to open our own theatre, the "Ukrainian Liberty theatre” on 27 of March. On World Theatre day. We’d been planning it for so long: a theatre with space for all the important words to sound. We put our hearts into it. Our money too. It’s all gone, it’s been crossed out. Watch the road. Don’t cry.
    Look at the road. Look at the road instead of getting upset, I remind myself. I dream of acting, writing, making films, talking about things that are not war. But after 24 February, those other things were shut away from us, and will remain so for the rest of our creative lives. We’ve been condemned to focus on pain, despair, injustice, death. But also on the mightiness of the human spirit, on patriotism and love. We are ready. But first we want to win, and return home, and water our plants….

    Basic data

    Height168 cm
    Body typedelicate
    Clothing sizeS
    Ethnic appearancewhite central european
    Hair colourdark blond
    Hair lengthlong
    Eye colourgrey-green
    Voice typesoprano
    Immediate working areaBerlin
    2nd residence (if applicable)Kyiv
    1st residence (federal state or country)Ukraine