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Stephan Konken
Große Brunnenstraße 141a22763  HamburgGermany
Mobile+49 172 4304415
Phone+49 40 394114

About Konken Studios

Audio-Postproduction for Cinema, DVD, Blu-ray and TV

We would be happy to do the sound design and mixing of your film. KONKEN STUDIOS' experienced team is looking forward to match your expectations.

All formats up to Dolby 7.1

Our extensive knowledge regarding formats such as Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Surround EX have led to a firm reputation in Germany.

Do not hesitate to call us for any questions you might have, for we are happy to assist you.

Film projects

2020Stillleben (WT)Short FilmRoland PuknatRoland Puknat Filmproduktion [de]
2020Eisland (WT)
Sound Design, Re-recording
TV Movie, NDR [de]Ute WielandRiva Filmproduktion [de]Sound Design, Re-recording
2020More than I deserve (aka Pinhas) (WT)
Re - recording mixer
Indie Feature FilmPini Tavger2-Team Productions [il]Re - recording mixer
2020Gieselmann (WT)
Re-recording mixer
Medium Length FilmRainer BärensprungRB Filmwerk, Rainer Bärensprung [de]Re-recording mixer
2020Sughra and Her Sons
Indie Feature FilmIlgar NajafButa Film [az]Re-recording
2020Kartoffelsalat 3 - Das Musical
Feature FilmMichael David Patetake25Pictures GmbHRe-recording
2020The Other Side of the River (aka No Women No Revolution) (WT)
Sound Design, Re - recording Mixer
Documentary FeatureAntonia KilianDoppelplusultra Film & TV Produktion [de]Sound Design, Re - recording Mixer
2019Fish for the hostage
DCP Audio Mastering
Indie Feature FilmSteffen Cornelius TrallesGood Seasons Film [de]DCP Audio Mastering
2019Red Fields
Sound Design, Re-recording
Feature FilmKeren YedayaTransfax Film Production [il]Sound Design, Re-recording
Re-recording, Sound Design
Feature FilmMichael VenusJunafilm UGRe-recording, Sound Design
2019On Demand
Education/Training ProductionCaren WuhrerHamburg Media SchoolRe-recording
Sound Design, Re-recording
Feature FilmMultipleRiva Filmproduktion [de]Sound Design, Re-recording
2018Allein mit dir
Short FilmLynn Oona BaurHamburg Media SchoolRe-recording
2018Eltern (WT)
Education/Training ProductionLynn Oona BaurHamburg Media SchoolRe-recording
Sound Design, Re-recording
Feature FilmArne KörnerAgainst Reality PicturesSound Design, Re-recording
2017Jürgen - Heute wird gelebt
Sound Design, Re-recording
TV Movie, WDR [de]Lars JessenA. Pictures Film & TV. Productions GmbH [de]Sound Design, Re-recording
Short FilmGwendolen van der LindeHamburg Media SchoolRe-recording
2017Once Upon a Time - Indianerland
Sound Design, Re-recording
Feature FilmIlker ÇatakRiva Filmproduktion [de]Sound Design, Re-recording
DCP Audio Mastering
Indie Feature FilmBenedikt KlausBenedikt Klaus Filmproduktion [de]DCP Audio Mastering
2017Die Idee von uns
Short FilmTobias SchönenbergFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]Re-recording


Company data

Date of company foundation1988
Immediate working areaHead office: Hamburg