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Das Orakel von Ramersdorf | © Peter Krivograd
© Peter Krivograd
Stage Play Recording | 2021 | BR [de] | Germany

Shooting data

LocationsReit im Winkl
Filming regionsGermany - Bavaria

Project data

Length of movie88min

Brief synopsis

The godless, thuggish medium Ludwig Bruckmeier (Dieter Fischer) has repeatedly maneuvered himself into prison, despite his best otherworldly contacts. With the help of a generous donation, his energetic parole officer Christine Wurzelbacher (Ursula Maria Burkhart) - complete with strict parole conditions and electronic ankle bracelet - now places him in the rectory of her parish with Pastor Gabriel Gottwald (Moritz Katzmair), of all people.

The man of God wants to bring the reluctant Ludwig back on track with the help of his kind but somewhat stiff pastoral assistant Elisabeth (Julia Urban). Ludwig, however, turns the house of God, including the rectory and the old people's home, upside down. He does not even stop at the confessional. There he has a lucrative encounter with Josef Wurzelbacher (Sepp Daser), the troubled husband of his probation officer.
Soon Ludwig also gets a visit from his buddy Rudi Drexel (Winfried Hübner), also recently released, who appeals to Ludwig's financial woes, but also - parole or no parole - to his magical abilities. So he manages to persuade Ludwig to grant a heartfelt wish to the wealthy widow Martha Heiß (Heide Ackermann) - an ardent admirer of the Bavarian fairy-tale king.
Elisabeth would have to go far beyond her moral virtues to save the oracular Ludwig from another stay in prison.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Heide Ackermann
Martha Hei▀ [L]
Ursula Maria BurkhartChristine Wurzelbacher [L]
Dieter FischerLudwig Bruckmeier [L]
Moritz KatzmairGabriel Gottwald [L]
Winfried HübnerRudi Drexler [L]
Julia UrbanElisabeth Bachler [L]
Josef DaserJosef Wurzelbacher [L]


Vision mixerHeike Bovelet
Studio camera operatorJuliana Strauss
Studio camera operatorSylvia Laubscher
Studio camera operatorClaus Esser
Studio camera operatorSilvia Hoffmann
Costume designer (creator)Heike Goritzki
Assistant costume designerSabine Anders [1]
DirectorThomas Stammberger
1st AD (local system)Julia Gröbl
1st AD (local system)Waltraud Auer
1st AD (local system)Mimi Lindner
EditorJan Besmehn
GafferToni Müllner
Dimmer board operatorMichael Kunitsch
Lighting technician / electricianFlorian Goldberger
Lighting technician / electricianRobert Borkner
Lighting technician / electricianRobert Trautmann
Makeup artist / hair stylistSabine Weber [1]
Makeup artist / hair stylistThomas Müller-Licht
Delegate producerJulian Weber
Delegate producerStefan Singer
Production designerSascha Fölster
Set decoratorJoseph Reindl
Standby propsMarco Banov
Stand by set builderLars Lehmann [1]
Stand by set builderGianluca de Marco
Assistant production managerMarion Buchner
Unit manager (local system)Henriette Predehl
Set manager/ floor managerThies Hellebrandt
ScreenwriterCornelia Willinger-Zaglmann
Commissioning editor in chargeCorbinian Lippl
Hygiene officerMarco Kuschmierz


Lighting and UtilitiesTMT Film- und TV-Produktions-Service
Team + Gear
Team + Gear


TypeCountryStationDate / TimeComment
First showingGermanyBR [de]Sunday, 23/01/2022, 8.15 PM