Feature Film | 2013 | Horror | Canada

Project data

Length of movie97 min.

    Brief synopsis

    Kingdom Come is about a group of strangers who wake up disoriented and soon find themselves being stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts, they soon realize that the decisions they make will seal their fates forever.

    Quelle: http://kingdomcomemovie.ca


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Ryan BarrettSam [L]
    Camille Hollett-FrenchJessica [L]
    Jason MartorinoDaniel [L]
    William FoleyCharles [SR]
    Jo Jo KarumeRoger Jackson [SR]
    Ellie O'BrienCeilia [SR]
    Soroush SaeidiNadihr [SR]Diego Carlos Seyfarth
    Katie UhlmannRachel [SR]


    Director of photographyGary Elmer
    Casting directorRon Leach
    Casting directorBrian Levy
    DirectorGreg A. Sager
    EditorGreg A. Sager
    Makeup artist / hair stylistAnthony Veilleux
    Production designerNoel Sargeant
    ScreenwriterGeoff Hart
    ScreenwriterGreg A. Sager
    Production sound mixerJoe Finlan

    Production companies

    Matchbox Pictures Inc. [ca]