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Series Pilot | 2012-2013 | Science Fiction, Thriller | Germany

Brief synopsis

3rd episode for a new sci-fi-thriller series

KILLING ALL THE FLIES is a new sci-fi-thriller series about fate, justice and life after death.
What if you could bring the dead back to life? How far are you really willing to go for the ones you love? And how much would you pay to escape your own death? LEVIN REID, a 23-year old police cadet wakes up soaked in blood next to his dead girlfriend MARIE. Levin loses not only the love of his life but is even falsely accused of her murder. Helpless in the face of overwhelming evidence, Levin escapes his arrest and is determined to find the true murderer. The results of his girlfriend‘s research as a journalist are the only lead he has. Slowly, Levin begins to understand the magnitude of the events and finds himself facing a conspiracy on a scale no one could have imagined: The corporation has successfully bypassed death through a clever medical trade system. They sell eternal life to wealthy clients at the cost of innocent victims. Yet if there is a possibility for the corporation's clients to overcome death, there must also be a way to revive his girlfriend Marie back to life. At this point, Levin is ready to take any risk. He declares that he is not going to stop until he has reversed all the corporation‘s death-trades and has brought his love Marie back to life.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
John JulianOfficer Fellows [L]
Leon PfannenmüllerYoung Vigor Agent [L]Chris McKissick
Alice DwyerClara Goldbaum [L]
Beth ParkMarie Johannson [L]
Andrew SimpsonLevin Reid [L]
Patrick HeynFinn Steenbeck [SR]
Joel Olano
Sandro Fisher [SR]
Benjamin SadlerVincent Reid [SR]
Falk TröberOld Vigor Agent [SR]Rod Morgan
Dan van HusenSimon Moskowitz [SR]Erik Hansen
Nicholas ApplegateGuardian Angel [SR]
police fellow [BP]Michel Dougall
Darnell FortsonGuy at the Club [BP]
Amana Marie-Anne GöbelEmily Edwards [BP]Kaya Dougall
Andrea OffnerWoman wake-up Area [BP]
Heather PacheNurse [BP]
Charles C UrbanDoctor [BP]


Vfx producerPaolo Tamburrino
Vfx producerJudith Schöll
Vfx producerHanna Maria Heidrich
Vfx producerAlena Jelinek
Vfx supervisorJathavan Sriram
Vfx supervisorTimor KardumInhouse OMSTUDIOS
Digital film compositorChristian Schneider
Digital film compositorIgor KrasikCompositing
Title designerMarc Böttler
ColoristJuan Carlos Argueta
VFX data wranglerJathavan Sriram
Director of photographyStephan Burchardt
Steadicam operatorAndreas KielbAlexa, anamorphic
Steadicam operatorChristopher McKissickB-Camera / Unit
1st assistant cameraJohannes Päch
Clapper/loaderAnnette Reichmann2nd Unit 1.Kameraassistentin
Clapper/loaderChristine Niemann
DIT digital imaging technicianThomas NiechojPSU3 - Hawk 1.3
Data wrangler / digital loaderLaila Sieber
Casting directorSilke KochCasting Deutschland
Casting directorRose WicksteedCasting UK
Casting assistantJulia SommerCasting Deutschland
Costume designerIsabella CasolaKostümherstellung Wächter
Assistant costume designerKathrin Moravcsics
DirectorHanna Maria Heidrich
2nd unit directorAlex Eslam
1st AD (local system)Felix Gerd Schneider
2nd AD crowd (local system)Lisa Weinbrecht
Script supervisorRuth Amrei Kriener
Script supervisorKristina Gerasimova2ne Unit
ScriptNicole Dillinger2nd Unit
Storyboard artistSven Gossel
EditorFriedemann Schmidt
Assistant editorDavid Kuruc
Key/dolly gripNicolas Kantuser
Special constructionsAndreas KielbCablecam
GafferJan-Paul Gauly
Best boyPaul Korn
Rigging gafferPatrizio Guerra2nd Unit Oberbeleuchter
ElectricianPatrizio Guerra
ElectricianMark Berrached
ElectricianMatthias Allner
ElectricianYunus Roy Imer
ElectricianLukas Steinbach
ElectricianMalte Derks
ElectricianAnna Görig
Additional electricianFerdinand Evrensel
Additional electricianSimon Bursch
Additional electricianArtur Pappenheim
Additional electricianSimon Denda
Additional electricianTimm Kröger
Additional electricianArmin Moritz2 DT
Additional electricianFalko Lachmund
Balloon light operatorHannes Schindler
Makeup artist / hair stylistAnna Wachsmuth
Makeup artist / hair stylistMelanie Frey
Key makeup artist/hair stylistGabi Kotecki
Assistant makeup artistViktoria Wolfram
Fx makeup artistOliver Müller [1]
ComposerAxel Huber
ComposerPhilipp Noll
Freelance producerAlena Jelinek
Freelance producerJudith Schöll
Associate producerHanna Maria Heidrich
Production designerCordula Kerner
Assistant production designerAnna Scheuble
Assistant production designerStefanie Eser
Art directorPhilipp Eggert
Prop masterPhilipp Eggert
Standby propsJutta Fritz
Property assistantLisa Rommel
Property assistantFiona Auer
Picture car coordinatorMartha Staisch
Picture car wranglerCorinna Kübler
Set builderTim Eckardt
Set builderTobias Kugelmeier
Set builderAndy Moldenhauer
Property driverRuben Böttinger
Unit production managerManuel Hummer
Assistant production managerFelix Ruple
Assistant production managerJanina Weinbrenner
Assistant production managerPhilipp Eidinger
Assistant to production managerStephanie Brauer
Unit managerGanya Mosolf
Set manager/ floor managerFelix Ruple2nd Unit
Set manager/ floor managerSascha Kallius
Assistant unit managerAlexander Schwendemann
Assistant set/floor managerMerle Groneweg
Set runnerNina BurkhardtUmsetzung Making Of
Set runnerDimitry Podkopaev
Set runnerAyla Güney
Set runnerAndreas Droese
ScreenwriterHanna Maria Heidrich
ScreenwriterDaniela Baumgärtl
ScreenwriterAlex Eslam
Script translatorMerle Groneweg
Production sound mixerBertin Molz
Boom operatorJanosch Mesenhol
Sound supervisorSimon TheisenDiplompräsentation
Sound re-recording mixerSebastian Müller [4]
Sound designerSimon TheisenDiplompräsentation
Sound designerSebastian Müller [4]
Special effects technicianChristoph Pabst
Special effects technicianMichael Gräter
Special effects technicianDaniel Reger
Stunt coordinatorAlexander Mack
Stunt coordinatorMatthias SchendelUnterwasserstunts
Assistant stunt coordinatorSiegfried PolapUnterwasserstunts
Stuntman/womanMatthias Schendel

Production companies

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg [de]Produzent
RadicalMedia LLC [de]Koproduzent


Cameras and UtilitiesVantage Film GmbH
GripAndreas Kielb - SonderlösungenCablecam
Lighting and UtilitiesARRI Media GmbH
Lighting and UtilitiesSparks Filmtechnik GmbH
Production ServicesRAD UND STOCKWebsiteerstellung, Werbemittel
CostumesPATIN-A SHOP GmbHKostümequipment
Costumespolizeiteam.deSEK-Equipment, Uniformen
DecorationOffizin Scheufele GmbH
PropsDer Findus, Requisiten- und Kostümverleih
Image (VFX)Slice Production Studios GmbH


Award winnerYearAwardCategory 
Alena Jelinek2014Studio Hamburg NachwuchspreisBeste ProduktionNominated
Alena Jelinek2014Sehsüchte PotsdamProduzentenpreis IWinner