Projects as actress

    2013(The Young Blood Chronicles 3/11)Music VideoAdam DonaldKidnapper
    2013Fall Out Boys - The Phoenix (The Young Blood Chronicles 2/11)Music VideoAdam DonaldPhoenix
    2013Tasting WednesdayShort FilmPamela NavarroJane [L]
    2012BlackRock - iShares. Core LaunchCommercialJoe PytkaBridesmaid
    2011Licenciado Cantinas, the movieShort FilmAlexis MoranteBeautiful Girl
    2011Papa Piñata: Smuggler's CutShort FilmHarry Locke IVBlack Lace [L]
    2011CitadelShort FilmHarry Locke IVDonna [SR]

    Basic data

    Height172 cm
    Weight61 kg - 134 lb.
    Body typeslim
    Clothing size26 - 38
    Ethnic appearanceWhite Central European
    Hair colourblond
    Hair lengthlong
    Eye colourgreen
    LanguagesEnglish German
    Skills (sports)mountain bike pilates swimming tennis triathlon yoga
    Experience abroadNorth America: USA
    Immediate working areaLos Angeles
    2nd residence (if applicable)Los Angeles
    Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Erfurt, Munich, Zurich