Karl | ©Calimedia/Cookie Film/DNK arts & media
©Calimedia/Cookie Film/DNK arts & media
Short Film | 2019-2020 | Animation, Drama | Germany
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Brief synopsis

Karl’s retired life is determined by fixed routines, but a bag with a call for clothing donations reopens a wound, until Karl can find a way of letting go without forgetting.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Charles BrauerKarl [L]


Director of photographyChristian Scheunert
Drone camera operatorSabine Siems
DirectorDavid N. Koch
EditorSabine Siems
Key gripJohannes Gibbert
Drone pilotChristian Scheunert
GafferRalf Heiner Heinke
ComposerErick Manana
ProducerChristian Schega
Line producerChristian Schega
ScreenwriterDavid N. Koch
Foley artistVolker Armbruster