Projects saved at Crew United

    2019Moneyboys (aka Money Boys)Feature Film
    2016Life GuidanceFeature Film
    2015Home is HereFeature Film
    2015Maikäfer flieg!Feature Film
    2015Lou Andreas-SaloméFeature Film
    2015Vienne avant la nuitDocumentary FeatureKoproduktion
    2014Uncanny ValleyShort Film
    2013Bad LuckFeature Film
    2012Kick out your bossDocumentary, ORF [at]
    2012Shirley - Visions of RealityFeature Film
    2012Griffen - Auf den Spuren von Peter HandkeDocumentary
    2012Grand CentralFeature Film
    2011Museum HoursFeature Film
    2010Tender Son - The Frankenstein ProjectFeature Film
    2009CarlosFeature Film, Canal+ [fr]service production Austria
    2009Eli Lilly GmbH - 24h HotlineImage Film
    2009Muezzin - FilmtrailerCommercial
    2008DustFeature Film