• Director of photography
Born 1977 in Paris (43 Years)


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Projects as director of photography

201936 000 ans d'art moderne, de Chauvet à PicassoDocumentary, arteManuelle BlancFolamour Productions [fr]
2019Once Upon a Time... The SquareDocumentary (Series), arteManuelle BlancFolamour Productions [fr]
2018Ingmar Bergman - Behind the MaskDocumentary, arteManuelle BlancCamera Lucida [fr]
2015Un chasseur sachant...Short FilmAnaïs EnshaianHors Tension, Philippe Benkemoun [fr]
2014Les Veilleuses de chagrinDocumentaryFrédérique OdyePalikao Films [fr]

Film projects in other capacities

2020Les Tuche 4Feature FilmOlivier BarouxEskwad [fr]1st assistant camera
2020LupinTV Series, NetflixMultipleGaumont Télévision [fr]1st assistant camera Episodes 6-7
2019La RévolutionTV Series, NetflixMultipleJohnDoe Productions1st assistant camera
2018Fahim, the Little Chess PrinceFeature FilmPierre-François Martin-LavalWaiting for Cinema [fr]1st assistant camera
2017Doubles LivesFeature FilmOlivier AssayasCG Cinéma [fr]camera operator Caméra B
2017YaoFeature FilmPhilippe GodeauPan Européenne [fr]1st assistant camera B-Cam
2017Paul Sanchez Is Back!Feature FilmPatricia MazuyEx Nihilo [fr]1st assistant camera
2015Team SpiritFeature FilmChristophe BarratierGalatée Films [fr]1st assistant camera
2015Personal ShopperFeature FilmOlivier AssayasCG Cinéma [fr]1st assistant camera Oman Jersey
2013United PassionsFeature FilmFrédéric AuburtinThelma Film [fr]1st assistant camera
2013On a failli être amiesFeature FilmAnne Le NyMove Movie [fr]1st assistant camera
2012The Love PunchFeature FilmJoel HopkinsRadar Films [fr]1st assistant camera Caméra B
2008FarewellFeature FilmChristian CarionNord-Ouest Films [fr]1st assistant camera Camera B
2008Coco & IgorFeature FilmJan KounenEurowide Film Production [fr]2nd assistant camera

Basic data

LanguagesEnglish French
Experience abroadCentral America: Guadeloupe
Middle East: Oman, Qatar
North Africa: Morocco
Northern Europe: Sweden
Eastern Europe: Ukraine
South America: Brazil
Southern Europe: Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain
Southeast Asia: Vietnam
West Africa: Senegal
Western Europe: Belgium, France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Central Asia: Azerbaijan
Immediate working areaParis
1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France