• Casting director
Born 1983 (38 Years)


    Known for

    Fictional projects as casting director

    Casting Grand Est
    TV Series, france.tv [fr], One (ARD) [de], SWR [de], WDR [de]MultipleCinétévé [fr]Casting Grand Est
    2020Her Way
    Casting Grand Est
    Feature FilmCécile DucrocqDomino Films [fr]Casting Grand Est
    Casting Grand Est
    Feature FilmCamille Vidal-NaquetLes Films de la Croisade [fr]Casting Grand Est
    2015Dirty SouthShort FilmOlivier StraussSedna Films [fr]

    Fictional projects in other activities

    2020Her WayFeature FilmCécile DucrocqDomino Films [fr]extras/bit player casting
    2020A French CaseLimited series, TF1 [fr]Christophe LamotteCheyenne Federation [fr]extras/bit player casting Casting director for some of the roles in the mini-series
    2019Über die Grenze – RacheengelTV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], SWR [de]Michael RowitzPolyphon Pictures GmbHextras coordinator Shooting French part
    2019Our MenFeature FilmRachel LangChevalDeuxTrois [fr]extras/bit player casting
    2019CharonShort FilmYannick KarcherLa Voie Lactée [fr]extras coordinator
    2015En chantierShort FilmJulie GrossetêteGrab The Cat [fr]production manager

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish French
    Immediate working areaStrasbourg
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Grand Est