Joker Joe

  • Toto - le film (Working title)
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Feature Film | 2019-2020 | Belgium, France, Luxembourg

    Brief synopsis

    Back-to-school! For troublemaker Toto, it’s the best playground for fooling around. When a sculpture collapses during the opening of a museum, Toto is immediately blamed.
    To prove his innocence, Toto has no other option but making a pact with Igor, the school nerd. In exchange for his help, Toto will help Igor being cool.
    The unlikely duo turns into little detectives. A fun and exciting adventure begins…


    ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
    Gavril DartevelleJoker Joe [L]
    Guillaume de TonquédecJérôme, Toto's father [L]
    Anne MarivinSylvie, Toto's mother [L]
    Ramzy BediaRoger Justin-Petit [L]
    Daniel PrévostPépé [L]
    Pauline ClémentMademoiselle Jolibois [L]
    Jean-Francois CayreyNeighbor [L]
    Simon FaliuIgor [L]


    1st ADFrançois Domange
    Director of photographyStéphane Le Parc
    1st assistant cameraPierre Mazard
    2nd assistant cameraFanny Chausson
    Costume designerLaurence Chalou
    DirectorPascal Bourdiaux
    EditorMarie Silvi
    Key/dolly gripJean-François Roqueplo
    GafferKevin Dresse
    Additional electricianCharlène Theunissen
    Key makeup artistFabienne Adam
    ComposerRomain Trouillet
    ProducerThierry Desmichelle
    ProducerJérémie Fajner
    ProducerChristel HenonBidibul
    ProducerEric Geay
    ProducerRémi Jimenez
    ProducerLilian EcheBidibul
    ProducerClément Calvet
    ProducerQuentin de Revel
    Co-producerJean-Yves Roubin
    Co-producerCassandre Warnauts
    Production designerMaamar Ech-Cheikh
    Unit production managerLaurent Lecêtre
    Post production supervisorMorgane Le Gallic
    Unit managerAmbroise Gayet
    Literary sourceThierry CoppéeComics
    Marketing, public relationLaurent Renard

    Distributing companies

    SND Sociéte Nouvelle de Distribution [fr]


    Cameras and UtilitiesTSF Caméra [fr]
    GripTSF Grip [fr]
    Lighting and UtilitiesTSF Lumière [fr]
    Transportation, Travel and AccomodationTSF Véhicules [fr]


    Theatre releaseFranceWednesday, 05/08/2020