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Jörg Westphal, actor, voice actor, speaker, Berlin
©Jeanne Degraa
  • Actor
  • voice actor
  • speaker
Born 1968 in Suhl (55 Years)

Basic data

DialectsBerliners, Franconian, Saxonian, Thuringian (Native dialect)
Skills (dance)JazzdanceStandard
Skills (sports)acrobaticsbadmintonbowlingcanoeingfencing (stage)inline skatingjugglingping-pongracing bicycleshooting (rifle)soccertenniswater skiing
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], A1 (motorcycle) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], M (autocycle) [eu]
Further referencesleft-hand driving


Phone+49 30 39889420

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About Jörg Westphal

I am a child of the 1968 movement. At least I was born in that year. Growing up in Suhl, Thuringia, in a country that rarely provided us with bananas, but plenty of Bratwurst and dumplings.
The end of the world was just a few of kilometers away. They called it border frontier and one would have been able to fly in order too see what is behind. Therefore, maybe, I always wanted to be a cosmonaut, or at least a helicopter pilot. I wanted to be up in the air. At first though, I stayed down to earth and wanted to study medicine. I graduated from high school and had to join the national „Volksarmee" in the GDR for three years.
But then, everything turned out completely different. An important man misspoke. The people took him by his word and believed he had promised them freedom, and suddenly, the Berlin Wall was gone. There was no end of the world anymore. Before the man recognizes his mistake, I thought to myself, I will have to fulfill my dream of flying. I went to a travel agency and chose the furthest destination possible: Miami, Florida sounded great. Finally: I get to fly!
Somehow, my goal of becoming a doctor had vanished. Instead, I became a male nurse and started to act at theaters. To be on stage, or, even better, in front of the camera.
To slip into any role. To do things that could bring any private person into jail or at least into psychiatric ward. All of these these things feel like flying to me. Entirely without helicopters or rockets.

Known for


2016World Medal Silver für Episode VOLKSFEST (Schuld) nach F.v. Schirrach
2010Friedrich Luft Preis für Linie 2 als Beste Inszenierung
2007Faust Theaterpreis für Cengiz und Locke Beste Regie
1996Friedrich Luft Preis für Eins auf die Fresse als Beste Inszenierung

Movies as actor

2024Erzgebirgskrimi - Über die Grenze (WT)
Holger Berthold [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Thorsten M. SchmidtHolger Berthold [SR]
2024Maria (WT)
tba [SR]
Feature FilmPablo Larraíntba [SR]
Praxis mit Meerblick - Schiffbruch

Lutz Funke [BP]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Franziska HörischLutz Funke [BP]
SOKO Potsdam

Ralph Stempel [LE]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Artjom BaranovRalph Stempel [LE]
Gestapo at the Gallows [SR]
Feature FilmTodd KomarnickiGestapo at the Gallows [SR]
2022Jenseits der Spree
Peter Reiners [SR]
TV Series, SRF [ch], ZDF [de]Marcus UlbrichtPeter Reiners [SR]
Die Drei von der Müllabfuhr - Arbeit am Limit

Bombenentschärfer [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de]Hagen BogdanskiBombenentschärfer [SR]
WaPo Berlin

Lutz Meinke [LE]
TV Series, ARD [de]Oren SchmucklerLutz Meinke [LE]
WaPo Elbe

Alex Otto [SR]
TV Series, ARD [de], MDR [de]Susanne BoeingAlex Otto [SR]
Lehrer kann jeder!

Doktor Bach [SR]
TV Movie, ZDF [de]Ingo RasperDoktor Bach [SR]
In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte

Winfried Sawal [LE]
TV Series, ARD [de]MultipleWinfried Sawal [LE]
Martha Liebermann

Droschkenfahrer [SR]
TV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de]Stefan BühlingDroschkenfahrer [SR]
Babylon Berlin

Buchmacher Repkow [SRE]
TV Series, ARD [de], Degeto [de], Sky [de]Tom TykwerBuchmacher Repkow [SRE]

Siegfried Bauer [SR]
Limited series, Avrotros [nl]Diederik van RooijenSiegfried Bauer [SR]
2021Возвращение (WT)
Aufseher Herrmann Reichenberg [SR]
Independent Feature FilmAlexander Franskewitsch-LajeAufseher Herrmann Reichenberg [SR]
2021Jenseits der blauen Grenze
Sportfunktionär Behrens [SR]
Independent Feature FilmSarah NeumannSportfunktionär Behrens [SR]
Letzte Spur Berlin

Uwe Schulz [SR]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Bettina BraunUwe Schulz [SR]
Spreewaldkrimi - Tote trauern nicht

Pattow [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ZDF [de]Jan FehsePattow [SR]
SOKO Leipzig

Rico Veen [SR]
TV Series, ZDF [de]Jörg MielichRico Veen [SR]
2021Wolfsland - 20 Stunden
Hanno Brasewitz [SR]
TV-Movie (Series), ARD [de], Degeto [de], MDR [de]Cüneyt KayaHanno Brasewitz [SR]

Movies as voice actor / speaker

2017Die KetzerbrautTV Movie, ORF [at], SAT.1Ensemble
2016Mitten in Deutschland: NSU - Die Opfer - Vergesst mich nichtTV Movie, ARD [de], Degeto [de], WDR [de]Masse
2016Die Dasslers - Pionier, Brüder und RivalenTV Movie (multi-part), ARD [de], Degeto [de]MengeThomas Zielinski
2015Ash vs Evil DeadSeriesEnsemble [SR]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2019Die ChorprobeHeinz KochJohannes HallervordenSchlosspark Theater Berlin
2017 - 2019Ein gewisser Charles Spencer ChaplinAl ReevesRüdiger WandelSchlosspark Theater Berlin
2015Und alles auf KrankenscheinSergeant Tom ConnollyAnatol PreisslerSchlosspark Theater Berlin
2012Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische WunschpunschBelzebub IrrwitzerPeter KubeHans Otto Theater Potsdam
1998 - 2012Linie1 u.v.m.Johnnie, Witwe Lotti u.a.R.Wandel, Panhans, Steihof u.a.Grips-Theater
1996 - 1998Westside-StoryChinoKerstin Heidel-PolenskeStaatstheater Cottbus
1996 - 1997Arturo UiDoghsborows Sohn u.a.Volker MetzlerStaatsschauspiel Dresden TIF
1993 - 1995Die WelleRobertUlrich KunzeStaatstheater Meiningen

Speaker engagements

YearTitleProject typeActivityClient
Makel 02
FYEO Hörspiel-SerieSprecherCzar-Film
CommercialSpeakerLoft Synchron Berlin
Gefangen im Sprechertext
CommercialSprecherLoft Synchron Berlin
Achte auf deinen Plastikkonsum
SpotSpeakerLoft Synchron Berlin
Richard das Abwaschass
CommercialSpeakerLoft Synchron Berlin
2003Der LindbergflugKonzertSprecherPhilharmonie Berlin, Filmorchester Babelsberg
Der Kampf um die Liege
CommercialSpeakerLoft Synchron Berlin
Unbestätigte spanische Fakten
CommercialSpeakerLoft Synchron Berlin
VorstellungVorstellungLoft Synchron Berlin

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2013showreel projectEnsembledrehSchauspielerSilentfilm Heiko Aufdermauer

Basic data

Height178 cm
Body typeaverage
Clothing size50-52
Ethnic appearancesouth european, white central european
Hair colourdark brown
Hair lengthmedium
Eye colourbrown
DialectsBerliners, Franconian, Saxonian, Thuringian (Native dialect)
Voice typebaritone
Skills (dance)JazzdanceStandard
Skills (sports)acrobaticsbadmintonbowlingcanoeingfencing (stage)inline skatingjugglingping-pongracing bicycleshooting (rifle)soccertenniswater skiing
Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland
Northern Europe: Denmark
Eastern Europe: Belarus
Southeastern Europe: Rumania
Western Europe: Ireland
LicencesA (motorcycle) [eu], A1 (motorcycle) [eu], C1 (truck < 3,5t <= 7,5t) [eu], M (autocycle) [eu]
Further referencesleft-hand driving
Immediate working areaBerlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Berlin
Accommodation possibilitiesCologne, Dresden, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna