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Joachim Knudsen, actor, commercial actor, Copenhagen
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  • Actor
  • commercial actor
Born 1976 (47 Years)

Basic data

Skills (sports)badmintonbasketballsaber fightingsoccerswimmingswordplay
Immediate working areaCopenhagen
1st residence (federal state or country)Denmark
LicencesB (car) [eu]


Phone+45 31 509031
Mobile+45 31 509031


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About Joachim Knudsen

In the last years Joachim Knudsen has been working in major TV and FILM roles as well as he is known for quality commercials.
For Danish broadcast TV "DR" Joachim played a leading role in a crime series.
As well as in a supporting role for a Documentary series.

Furthermore Joachim has been starring in two films of young directors in Denmark.
In the Commercial realm he has offered his craft as one of the leads for
"Nordicbet" as well as "Hiper Internet" and many more.

Joachim Knudsen trained and is constantly training in the following fields.
Checkhov Technique as well as Career Coaching with German international
Actress and Acting Coach Lisa Riesner as well as with known Danish director
Jonas Elmer around Improvisation, Film and Acting.
Joachim is curious to learn and enjoys keeping his craftalive.

At the moment next to acting training he is focusing working on his language skills and makes Joachim a not only talented and professional and flexible actor but also very committed to his craft.

Joachim is a Danish actor fluent in English and Danish working internationally.


2024/1Danish National School of Performing Arts (Den Danske Scenekunstskole) [dk] (Ivana Chubbuck Technique with Elisabet Sevhol)
2022/8 to 2023/6Teaterskolen Amager

Movies as actor

2023Homes*ck (WT)
Producer [GS]
Teaser (Film Concept)Lisa RiesnerProducer [GS]
2023Kimære (WT)
Niels [SR]
Short FilmAndreas VintherNiels [SR]
2021Danske mord
Gunner Petterssons (Barnemordet der rystede Danmark) [LE]
Documentary Series, DR [dk]Frederik HarslofGunner Petterssons (Barnemordet der rystede Danmark) [LE]
2019Øgendahl og de store forfattere - Halfdan Rasmussen
Prĉmieovergiver [SRE]
Documentary SeriesAnne RøgilpsPrĉmieovergiver [SRE]

Basic data

Height174 cm
Weight79 kg - 174 lb.
Body typeaverage
Clothing sizeLarge
Ethnic appearancescandinavian
Hair colourblond
Hair lengthshort
Eye colourblue-green
Voice typebass voice
Skills (sports)badmintonbasketballsaber fightingsoccerswimmingswordplay
LicencesB (car) [eu]
Immediate working areaCopenhagen
1st residence (federal state or country)Denmark