About Jérémie Steib

    Vice President @ French Association of Assistant Directors (AFAR)

    Known for

    Projects as 1st AD

    2020Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2019Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2018Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2017Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2016Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2016WorkinGirls à l'HôpitalTV Series, Canal+ [fr]Sylvain FuséeGazelle & Cie [fr]
    2015Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]MultipleNoon [fr]
    2015Mystère à l'OpéraTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Léa FazerThalie Images [fr]
    2015Mystère à la Tour EiffelTV-Movie (Series), France 2 [fr]Léa FazerThalie Images [fr]
    2014Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]MultipleNoon [fr]
    2013Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]MultipleNoon [fr]
    2013WorkinGirlsTV Series, Canal+ [fr]Sylvain FuséeGazelle & Cie [fr]
    2012Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]MultipleNoon [fr]
    2012WorkinGirlsTV Series, Canal+ [fr]Sylvain FuséeGazelle & Cie [fr]
    2011Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]MultipleNoon [fr]
    2011WorkinGirlsTV Series, Canal+ [fr]Sylvain FuséeGazelle & Cie [fr]
    201110 jours en orFeature FilmNicolas BrossetteLoin derrière l'Oural [fr]
    2010Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]
    2010Behind The Wall (3D)Feature FilmMultipleSombrero Films [fr]
    2009Scènes de ménagesTV Series, M6 [fr]Francis DuquetNoon [fr]

    Film projects in other capacities

    2008Une affaire d'ÉtatFeature FilmÉric ValetteLes Chauves-Souris [fr]2nd AD
    2007Le Plaisir de chanterFeature FilmIlan Duran CohenMille et une productions [fr]2nd AD
    2006Water LiliesFeature FilmCéline SciammaLes Productions Balthazar [fr]2nd AD
    2005AndaluciaFeature FilmAlain GomisMille et une productions [fr]2nd AD

    Basic data

    LanguagesEnglish French German
    Experience abroadNorth America: Canada, Mexico
    Eastern Europe: Slovenia
    Southern Europe: Italy, Monaco, Spain
    Western Europe: France, Switzerland
    Special skillsMovie Magic Scheduling, movieDATA, shooting in real3D, shooting with kids, internet & computers, own web & ftp server, PADI rescue diver
    LicencesB (car) [eu], diving licence - PADI Advanced Open Water Diver [int], diving licence - PADI Rescue Diver [int]
    EducationESEC - Ecole Supérieure d'Etudes Cinématographiques (Paris, France)
    Immediate working areaParis
    1st residence (federal state or country)France - Île-de-France
    2nd residence (if applicable)Strasbourg