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Jenny Rehs, actress, Frankfurt
©Jan Peter Rehs
  • Actress

Basic data

DialectsHessian (Native dialect)
Skills (dance)BalletJazzdancePantomimeTap Dance
Skills (sports)yoga
Immediate working areaFrankfurt
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Hesse


Phone+49 228 5020821-71, -73, -70


Mobile+49 177 4301576

Showreel (external)


  • Living history anno 1779
    The performances in front of the house from Frankenbach make history come alive. The year 1779 is portrayed in the form of an actor. After a major fire in Wetzlar, the young widow Henriette and her children move to the country to live with her aunt Albertine. But instead of an idyllic home, the hard life in the country with all its duties awaits them. These constantly raise new questions: How do you cook nettle soup? Why does one have to wash wool? And why can't one at least take a little breather here? The strict aunt knows no pardon... Between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., museum guests can experience how Henriette fare on her aunt's farm. Here are the next play dates: 20.5.23, 18.6.23, 9.9.23.
  • First the work...Childhood in the countryside
    How did children live in the 18th century? What role did they play in the family? What were their duties and tasks? In this project, the students experience the answers to these questions at first hand.
  • Work brings bread, poverty brings need
    The focus of this guided tour is the wheelwright Herrmann Orth and his wife Elisabeth. Due to the introduction of the freedom of trade and the abolition of the guilds in the 19th century, many craftsmen lost their original profession. Threatened by poverty, the artisan couple also threw themselves into every conceivable kind of work. Can emisgkeit and inventiveness save them from social decline?
  • With desire and passion
    A comedy about healthy living that uses a lot of humor to call for more personal responsibility for one's own health.


1993/8 to 1997/7Stage School Hamburg GmbH (1994 ZAV Prüfung HH)

Movies as actress

2021Northwind Filmagentur - Tell Your Story
Jenny [L]
Corporate FilmGabriel SahmJenny [L]
2014Lügen und andere Wahrheiten
Feature FilmVanessa JoppJenny
2011Base - Mein Base (mehrere Spots)
Jenny [L]
CommercialJan Hinrik DrevsJenny [L]
Paula Rottmann [L]
Short FilmMichael Eichhorn [1]Paula Rottmann [L]
1993Die Männer vom K3 - Das dritte Mädchen
Prostituierte [BP]
TV-Movie (Series), NDR [de]Sigi RothemundProstituierte [BP]

Theatre engagements

YearProduction nameRoleDirectorTheatre
2022 - 2023Living history anno 1779Aunt AlbertineAlexander MaserMuseumstheater Hessenpark
2021Die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlichCharlotteAlexander MaserMuseumstheater Hessenpark
2020 - 2021Arbeit bringt Brot, Faulheit bringt NotElisabeth OrthAlexander MaserMuseumstheater Hessenpark
2020 - 2021ARMUT - von Kartoffeln und NassauernFranziska ConradAlexander MaserMuseumstheater Hessenpark
2019 - 2020Der MustergatteMary BartlettFrank HeckSteins Tivoli, Hanau
2019 - 2020Ein Traum von HochzeitDaphneFrank HeckSteins Tivoli, Hanau
2019 - 2020Ein Käfig voller NarrenCamille DieulafoiFrank HeckSteins Tivoli
2018 - 2019Die Wege des Herrn sind unergründlichCharlotteAlexander MaserMuesumtheater Hessenpark
2017 - 2018Mit Lust und LeidenschaftSimoneVolker HeymannStiftung Lebnsblicke (Deuschland)
2017 - 2018TodesfalleMyra BruhlFrank HeckStein`s Tivoli, Hanau
2017 - 2018Hüttenkrimi, Sondereinsatz KrumhaxenImmobilienFrauRudi Dallcrossing-mind-group, Bad Tölz
2016Der Original HüttenkrimiRosie BlechbergerRalf Schönbergercrossing-mind-group
2014 - 2016Hier sind Sie richtigJanine/Jamilla FlügelFrank HeckSteins Tivoli, Hanau
2014 - 2015Spiel`s nochmal, SamLinda ChristieFrank HeckSteins Tivoli, Hanau
2013 - 2014Suche impotenten Mann fürs LebenCarmenFrank HeckSteins Tivoli,Rodenbach
2012 - 2013Ü-WAS? Ein Stück über AltersdiskriminierungEnsemblespiel (junge/alte Frau)Tobias PflugSchlachthof Bremen
2012 - 2013Wir spielen bis der Scheiß aufhört..EnsemblespielPatrick Schimanskitheaterlabor bremen
2011 - 2013Emilia GalottiClaudia GalottiUlrich FischerLutherstadt Eisleben
2011 - 2012Crazy ChristmasJunge FrauM.Spindler/J. KöhlerTheater in der Mühle, Zwickau
2011 - 2012Ob so oder soFrauPeter FörsterLutherstadt Eisleben

Other projects

YearProject typeTitleActivityCompany
2022 - 2023Improv TheaterFirst the work...child labor in the countryside 1779Knowledge transferHessenpark(Schulprojekte)
2020 - 2021Improv TheaterPresentational play workshop Erasmus School FrankfurtPlaying theatre, creativity and body languageErasmus Schule Frankfurt
2019 - 2021freelancingGuideSchauspielführungen, MuseumsführungenHessempark
2019 - 2020work as a lecturerPräsenztraining, Stimme, WahrnehmungworkshopNestle
2017 - 2018Format Development"Mutterglück" (von Katrin Köhler)Interaktive InstallationFachbereich Medien Hochschule Darmstadt
2016 - 2017work as a lecturerPräsenztrainingLeitung WorkshopNestle
2013 - 2016EventDer Original Hüttenkrimi, HessenSchauspielerincrossing-mind-group

Basic data

Height155 cm
Weight50 kg - 110 lb.
Body typedelicate
Clothing size36-38
Ethnic appearancewhite central european
Hair colourred-brown
Hair lengthlong
Eye colourgrey-green
DialectsHessian (Native dialect)
Voice typemezzosoprano
Skills (dance)BalletJazzdancePantomimeTap Dance
Skills (sports)yoga
Immediate working areaFrankfurt
1st residence (federal state or country)Germany - Hesse
Accommodation possibilitiesBerlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Munich