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    Movies saved at Crew United

    2023Maldoror (WT)Feature Filmproducer
    2022The Beast in the JungleFeature Filmco-producer
    2022King on ScreenDocumentaryproducer
    2021Loving MemoriesFeature Filmco-producer
    2021The BlazeFeature Filmco-producer
    2021Don JuanFeature Filmco-producer
    2021Return to SeoulFeature Filmco-producer
    2020You Will Not Have My HateFeature Filmco-producer
    2020Too Close to the SunFeature Filmco-producer
    2020TitaneFeature Filmproducer
    2020On the EdgeFeature Filmproducer
    Frakas Productions
    Feature Filmco-producerFrakas Productions
    2019Love Song for Tough GuysFeature Filmco-producer
    2019Husband, Wife, Kids... And LoversFeature Filmco-producer
    2019Joker JoeFeature Filmco-producer
    2019Madeleine CollinsFeature Filmco-producer
    2019Onoda – 10 000 Nights In The JungleFeature Filmco-producer
    Feature Filmco-producer(Frakas)
    2018The Girl with a Bracelet
    Feature Filmco-producerFrakas
    2018FaithfulFeature Filmco-producer