Projects saved at Crew United

    YearTitleGenreRoleSpoken by
    2019Dune (WT)Feature FilmStilgar [SR]
    2017Everybody knowsFeature FilmPaco [L]
    2017Loving PabloFeature FilmPablo Escobar [L]
    2016Mother!Feature FilmHim [L]
    2015Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No TalesFeature FilmCaptain Salazar [L]Carlos Lobo
    2014The Last FaceFeature FilmMiguel [L]
    2014The GunmanFeature FilmFelix [L]
    2013The CounselorFeature FilmRainer [L]Carlos Lobo
    2012James Bond 007 - SkyfallFeature FilmSilva [L]Carlos Lobo
    2009Eat Pray LoveFeature FilmFelipe [L]Carlos Lobo
    2008Vicky Cristina BarcelonaFeature FilmJuan Antonio [L]Carlos Lobo
    2008BiutifulFeature FilmUxbal [L]Martin Umbach
    2007No Country for Old MenFeature FilmAnton Chigurh [L]Thomas Petruo
    2005Goya's GhostFeature FilmBrother Lorenzo [L]
    2003Mar AdentroFeature FilmRamón Sampedro [L]Martin Umbach
    2002The Dancer UpstairsFeature FilmAgustín Rejas [L]Martin Umbach