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Jacob Muller, director of photography, Zurich
  • Director of photography
Born 1989 (35 Years)


  • 2024 Projects in the making
    - Gym Office/Garage (Shoot 17-18 Feb)
    - Scandinavian Car Commercial (PréProduction)
    - The Biker Insurance (Editing)

    2024-25 Feature - Lost Soldier
    2025-26 Feature - CupidMind

About Jacob Muller

Creating and lighting story is a part of my life . My younger self was always passionate by the shape of the sunlight. The light create the mood and bring element to life is one of the most beautiful part of our job.
Capturing these real moments with the right tool
at the right time create the magic.
And this is what I do on set now a day with Sun, Electrical, Diffused and reflected lights.
When it comes to the early stage of the project, I like to write draw, create moodpboard and get involved from the beginning to see and understand the task
by bringing camera movement and creative solutions,
that will create the best images for the project .
The choice of the lens and filtration will be a key role in the story telling to keep the creation has natural has possible . A well lighten project will need less post production
and heavy editing to come to life .
My goal since the beginning is to ''fix it on set'' has much has possible, by being involved from the early stage and walk with the client or agency to create the most real picture has possible from the beginning.

Known for

Movies in other capacities

2023Mistello - Le VadrouilleurCommercialManouil KarapetsisFargomedia [ch]screenwriter
2023Lovelife - The GardenerSpec CommercialJacob MullerFargomedia [ch]director
2023FabricFitness - No Matter How (WT)CommercialJacob MullerFargomedia [ch]director
2023Non DitsShort FilmJacob MullerFargo Films [fr]screenwriter
2023Non DitsShort FilmJacob MullerFargo Films [fr]director
2022Father & Son (Internetfilm)Short FilmCyprien CorminboeufFargomedia [ch]co-writer
2020Belle époque boats - Paper BoatCorporate FilmJacob MullerFargomedia [ch]director


2023BERLIN Lift-Off Film Festival - Amour inconditionnel Official Selection
2023Rome Prisma Awards film awards - Amour inconditionnel Official Selection
2020Official Selection - Hollywood F.T.F.S
2020Official Selection - Golden Short Film Festival
2019Luerzers Archives 2019/20 in the 200 BestDigital Artists Worldwide
2019Meilleur de la PUB - Shortlisted - Guerilla CGN TL Lausanne
2017Px3 - Bronze - Advertising Product - Prix de la photographie de Paris
2017Px3 - Bronze - Advertising - Prix de la photographie de Paris
2017TIFA - Silver - Advertising - Tokyo international photography Awards
2017Best Of The Best Photographer's book - OneEyeLand

Basic data

Experience abroadCentral Europe: Austria, Germany
North Africa: Morocco
North America: USA
Southern Europe: Spain
Southeastern Europe: Montenegro
Western Europe: France
LicencesB (car) [eu], Motorboat Certificate Offshore (till 30 NM) [de]
Immediate working areaZurich
2nd residence (if applicable)Berlin
1st residence (federal state or country)Switzerland - Bern