Italo Disco - The shining sound of the 80s

  • Italo Disco - Spaghetti Music (Working title)
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Documentary | 2020-2021 | Culture, Docu | Germany
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Brief synopsis

Italo Disco. The sparkling sound of the 80s immerses the audience in a musical universe of an era.

An era where millions of young Europeans would let loose to a wild beat of music made with synthetic and captivating melodies, more or less weird English lyrics, electronic rhythms and visionary music videos.

They were cybernetic tracks fueled by hopes and dreams of the young musicians, who were capable of releasing mind-blowing pop, and always moving between trash and brilliance.

It was the world of Italo Disco: born in Italy, reinforced in Germany, that made the whole planet dance.

By telling the birth and development of a music genre with many souls, this documentary analyzes the creative, productive and business aspects of what was a music industry and social phenomenon. 

By doing an in depth archive research with interviews to artists and leading personalities of that time. Such as Sabrina Salerno, Linda Jo Rizzo, Johnson Righeira, Savage and La Bionda brothers, together with djs today's experts including DJ Hell and Mathias Modica.

Italo Disco. Pulsating to the engaging rhythm of tracks of that era, as well as revealing lesser-known cult songs unknown to the general public. The sparkling sound of the 80s takes the viewer on a journey of discovery of a sound that is as commercial as it is futuristic.

The sound of an era often told but not always understood.


Motion graphics designerFlavio Rosati
Title designerMichael Paul
ColoristAlexander Vexler
Director of photographyAlexander Vexler
Drone camera operatorLucas Fuchs
Assistant camera (non fiction)Manuel Lübbers
Assistant camera (non fiction)Lucas Fuchs
DirectorAlessandro Melazzini
EditorMassimiliano Cecchini
ComposerLuca Vasco
Production managerMarisa Scherini
ScreenwriterAlessandro Melazzini
Transcript translationLuigi Lo Grasso
Production sound mixerEick Hoemann
Production sound mixerJesús Casquete González
Sound recordist (non fiction)Havir Gergolet
Image researchGuglielmo Parisani

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