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Documentary Feature | 2020-2021 | Anthology, Docu, Series Of Episodes, Society | Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom

Brief synopsis

Isolation is an anthology film and documentary by five great European filmmakers called upon to make segments about the dramatic and even revolutionary effects of the pandemic on their own countries. Each story is told from a particular point of view, but all share a common goal: to show European filmmakers united in a symbolic reunification of the Continent, of sorts in a uniquely challenging year, 2020.
In the five short films, 15 minutes each, the directors show the social, psychological and economic toll Covid-19, and the measures to contain it, took on European residents. The stories are filtered through the gazes of these premier filmmakers, who use their artistic and cinematic artistry to evoke what Europe went through in 2020.

(Venice Days)


Director of photographyValentina Pascarella'Death Close'
Director of photographyJohn Quester'Two Fathers'
Director of photographyOlivier Guerpillon'Liberty, Equality, Immunity'
Director of photographyJuliette Van Dormael'Mourning in the Time of Coronavirus'
Director of photographyJames Clarke'Isolation'
DirectorMichele Placido'Death Close'
DirectorJulia von Heinz'Two Fathers'
DirectorOlivier Guerpillon'Liberty, Equality, Immunity'
DirectorJaco van Dormael'Mourning in the Time of Coronavirus'
DirectorMichael Winterbottom'Isolation'
EditorJacopo Quadri'Death Close'
EditorFrank Brummundt'Two Fathers'
EditorPhilip Bergström'Liberty, Equality, Immunity'
EditorBruno Tracq'Mourning in the Time of Coronavirus'
EditorMarc Richardson'Isolation'
ComposerLuca D'Alberto'Death Close'
ComposerMatthias Petsche'Two Fathers'
ComposerMarta Reguera'Liberty, Equality, Immunity'
ComposerLoup Mormont'Mourning in the Time of Coronavirus'
ComposerMargaret Hermant'Mourning in the Time of Coronavirus'
ComposerJay Weathers'Isolation'
ProducerGuglielmo Marchetti
ProducerPhilipp Kreuzer
ProducerMichael Winterbottom
ProducerJoseph Rouschop
ProducerMelissa Parmenter
ProducerIngrid Lill Høgtun
Executive producerMarlene Schlegel

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2021GermanyHof Int. Film Festival
2021ItalyVenice Days - Giornate degli AutoriVenetian Nights


PremiereMonday, 06/09/2021Venice International Film Festival [it]