Into the Red | © Filmuni Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
© Filmuni Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Brief synopsis

A VR journey to Mars, into the psyche of the lost crew members.

„There is life on Mars!“ - This was the last message from the Mars crew, which had been living on the red planet for years. Since then there has been nothing but silence.

The immersive VR experience “Into the Red (VR)” is no ordinary mars mission: we offer the journey into the psyche of the missing mars crew leader. An absorbing experience in VR, volumetric video and 360° video - discovering the borders of memories, dreams and reality.


ActorRole nameVoice actor / SpeakerVoice actor
Bianca ComparatoKara (adult) [L]
Andreas BorcherdingDavid [L]
Dora StavenhagenKara (child) [SR]


accountantNadine Lehmann
director of photographyJana Pape360°
costume designerElena Chabrova
directorLinda Brieda
1st assistant directorStephan Bernardes
makeup artist / hair stylistJulia Hausmann
makeup artist / hair stylistBarbara Gorny
composerLara Frank
freelance producerPaul Bullinger
associate producerJonathan Steinhardt
postproduction producerEvgeny Kalachikhin360°
line producerRené Beine
unit production managerStephan Bernardes
assistant production managerVincent Abert
assistant production managerMatthias Hufgard
assistant production managerLaura Kaddour
assistant production managerLisa Plumeier
assistant production managerAndrea Uhrhan
assistant production managerNastassja Kreft
set manager/ floor managerAnne Koths
head writerLinda Brieda
head writerBenjamin Schreuder
script developmentVincent Abert
script developmentPaul Bullinger
script developmentMatthias Hufgard
script developmentNastassja Kreft
script developmentLisa Plumeier
script developmentJonathan Steinhardt
script developmentAndrea Uhrhan
production sound mixerJulius Segeler
production sound mixerBertold Budig
sound supervisorAdrian Lorenz
sound re-recording mixerLudwig Müller
sound designerAaron Hacker
sound designerMarkus Gembaczka
sound designerElisabeth Sommer
sound designerFabian Koppri
foley editorTill Aldinger
foley editorMichael Holz
foley artistFranziska Treutler
concept artist (vfx)Rui Xu
vfx Technical DirectorMax Welscher
cg software developerTimo Neumann
cg software developerMarius Morhard
cg software developerFlorian Isikci
cg software developerPascal Disse
3d artistRui Xu/ VFX
3d artistHubertus Witthoff
3d artistFalko Schulte
3d artistJonas Dahl
2d artistMarcel Berg
child supervisorAngelina Urbanczyk
project managerRoj Younis


2019GermanyPrix EuropaDigital Media Rising Star